What are your minor annoyances?

Bit of a silly thread to vent about those small things that annoy you in this game. Not big things that threaten to spoil your enjoyment or things you really need fixed. Just small things that don’t really matter but for whatever reason rub you up the wrong way sometimes.

Here’s one of mine:

-How all the vault hunters say things like “what are you hiding?” or “reveal your mysteries!” when they’re about to crack eridium chunks, even though eridium chunks are literally the least mysterious things in the whole game. They contain f***in’ bricks of eridium. And nothing else. Just like the last 1000 times you did it! :grin:


The fact that vendors in Sanctuary are so far away from the bank and lost loot and that the lost loot doesn’t have an interface but instead just throws all the stuff on the floor. I’d much rather be able to see through the stuff and have the choice to either take or sell it. I’d also like a selling mode in the bank, just like Monster Hunter has one for the item chest.


Yeah, totally agree with all that. Though I personally really want better bank features, so it’s more than a minor annoyance for me. I wouldn’t mind more customisation of my room too.

Oh, which reminds me of another minor annoyance:

Why is it so friggin’ dark in the corners of your room, in exactly those spots where you’re supposed to hang your decorations?! I can barely see any decorations that don’t have their own light source.

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On the same page it is mostly that I whiff a normal melee attack half of the time when I want to break those eridium rocks.

Also cries of pain of Cov enemies under dot.


It grinds my gears that there is no animation canceling with Zanes action skills and no way of just pulling the clone to your positions without switching positions.

Yeah, animation cancelling would be nice. Another weird thing is, that if you just activated the Clone, you have a bit of a delay before you can use the Drone, but if you use the Drone first, the time until you can summon the clone seems a bit shorter.

Pets wanting to be in your camera 24/7

Just ■■■■■■■ recode them to stand to the side of you


The room. I wasn’t sure how I Felt about the whole decorate your room thing. Now that we have it, I hate how few spots I can actually decorate in my room.

  1. having to speak to lilith during the campaign when you could just use the echo net.
  2. Tannis popping into your head and taking up half the screen while your fighting.
  3. shotgun ammo sdu. not enough.
  4. sliding, while airborn, projectile speed, accuracy anoints exist.
  5. not able to buy ammo through ui.
  6. surveyors shocking you with a transformer shield on.
  7. enemies doing more melee damage than you can.
  8. immunity phases

Current drop rate with the new MH2.0 hotfix…I am sure I am not the only one here on that either.

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  • “A mech- A siren war- A mech- A covert- A mech soldier! Vladof Ursa corps, if I’m not mistaken, eh?” We get it, Marcus.
  • Inability to sell all non-favorites
  • getting downed by barrels. Imagine also that I use a black hole shield on Amara
  • the migraine inducing, jackhammer pounding sound effect of DoTs hitting the player.
  • Not seeing co-op buddies actual build and loadout, their level, classmod, or their custom markers on the map
  • the map screen (not the minimap, but the big one) rotating around
  • Constantly faffing about and being unable to reload while casting action skills as Zane. I guess everyone else is just getting infinite barrier with Seein’ Dead these days anyway.
  • Killing a loot tink somewhere in the mix, and then not finding their corpse which has the actual legendaries in it
  • Badass enemies spawning in behind me without warning, and blowing me up with rocket spam before I even realize what the hell is going on.
  • the camera lock and annoyingly long recovery animation at the end of slams (including Amara’s action skill)
  • Not being able to aim Amara’s Downfall lazor beam. I thought it would be like the Sentinel’s attack from the end of Presequel. (Check out 1:50 here (TPS spoilers I guess). How cool is that?) Instead she just blarghs at the ground. Meh.

I’d love to be able to set a filter for the lost loot bank. So that only guns I want would go into it.

(Was gonna post something else but, unless I forgot how to trigger it, it appears to have been fixed actually lmao. Amara with Spiritual Driver had a really annoying thing where she’d get in to an absolutely just obnoxious rapid fire voice line loop lol)

So, some others I guess:
Filling (uncovering) the entire map is first of all just kind of annoying in this one, but more than that, some maps have these tiny parts of a area that can not, whatever you try, get uncovered lol.
Like, teleport to Villa Ultraviolet and look around in the map where you spawn. You will see tiny little grey splotches around, and these can be found in I’d say all maps, wether they be just a few pixels, or quite big chunks.
And, much like with Villa Ultraviolet, there’s far more of these little splotches in all newer maps, so basically any event map will have far more of these than base game maps.
This would be be my minor annoyance that annoys me the most, it doesn’t really spoil my enjoyment of the game, but whenever I’m doing my little tours around a map to uncover it all, it reaaaaaally annoys me when I find these.
I would actually want it fixed. Wether it be by making these uncoverable areas actually uncover correctly, or if they make it so a map gets FULLY uncovered when you’ve uncovered like 95% of it or something.

Another one is when using Amara equipped with a Spiritual Driver and you’re constantly just looking at a shaking screen and that godawful noise it makes, especially if you have Conflux (chance to apply Shock/Ignite/Melt when inflicting a status affect).
Which, now that I think about it, we have two minor annoyances in one here… Conflux states:
“Whenever Amara applies a Status Effect to an ENEMY, she gains a chance to randomly Electrocute, Ignite, or Melt that ENEMY.”

Uhm, am I my own enemy? Why does this trigger on myself? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

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The Game: “Oh, look…you are low on health. Let us help you out with that by filling ALL the ammo crates with health vials. Good luck out there, soldier.”

My Deathless Moze: Sigh

Meanwhile, my other characters cry when they have 10 sniper bullets left and every DLC2 ammo chest has one health vial and three grenades in it. Every. Single. One of them.


Oh wait, sorry that is a major annoyance :smiley:

  • How often the NPCs talk when I do a task “I can’t make burgers when Maliwan troopers are still around”… “Shoot the Maliwan” …what do you think I am doing?
  • The fact that I cannot HOW much better/worse a weapon is. I mean, do I really bring a calculator along to see how much one shotgun is better than the other (is 500x3 is a lot better than 100x10 or not) (Yes, that one is obvious, but you know what I mean)
  • The effect when you are affected by an enemy elemental damage (ie. on fire, freeze etc.) Its just too loud. Especially Moze’s screams.

Oh man, this times a thousand. Also, the nonchalantly slow speed at which ammo boxes open and the pickups become collectable. Remember the vacuum areas in presequel? When pressing E on an ammo crate immediately exploded it and hoovered up the ammo? Bring that back please.

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Standard world drops polluting DLC areas

oh, man. And they gave you that avatar. I feel for you :pensive:


Another one:
Iron Bear’s manned turret not aiming independently of Iron Bear’s movement. Believe it or not, my buddy has the turret upgrade, and I actually hop into it from time to time. It’s near impossible to lay down fire on anything unless he stands still with Iron Bear, and having to stand still with Iron Bear also sucks.

This was one of my favourite features of the pre sequel!
Loot random stuff on the ground and sell it in less than a second at the first vendor machine you find.
Now I rarely pick up stuff cause selling it is a hassle.

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