What are your thoughts on these PVP ideas?

  1. Merging the PVP queue, or offering a Quick Match option that does this. After teams are created, people would vote for one of three randomly generated mode/map combos (similar to voting on a PVE map). This could possibly roll out games faster, plus get people into other modes and maps. A lot of people don’t because they are familiar with them.

  2. Commendations/Criticisms after match. Something akin to in LoL, with thresholds to get rewards/punishments if voted for in a particular aspect.

  3. Going back to team search if someone disconnects in Character Select.

  4. Official basic tactic guides for each map. I’d like to see more external guides, but they can start in house. Just a quick rundown of the map with some basic tactics and tips. This would hopefully give new players a better understanding of how each mode should be played (no, it’s not deathmatch…) with tips specific to the map, and so more people would hopefully feel more comfortable jumping into something that isn’t Overgrowth or Paradise. Do this with the release of new maps.

  5. Better First Win of the Day reward. I left this 'til last because I actually just noticed in a game I played where the enemy surrender in the first 2min due to disconnects. But the reward was only 1 Commander xp, and 1 Player xp. Is it always this? Or just because the game ended so quick?