What are your total hours playing?

I’m currently at 794H 33M. Took quite a bit of time off. Definitely going to break 800 before the shutdown. I’m going to miss this game so much. So, how much time have y’all put in? I’m quite sure there are plenty of people 1k+.

32421.1 hours

I haven’t played battleborn, I just can’t resist saying that the question is, what Are your total hours! Lol.

I can’t remember if you can find it in game to see in-match time or not, but steam says 1,497.4.

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That number would bother me so much that I would have to get it to 1500, lol.

401h , which given its finite time isn‘t nearly as much as I would have liked to. Then again I have played everything and everyone dozens of times, so even when it feels like I haven‘t played Battleborn nearly enough it still feels like I‘ve done everything aside from literally finishing the whole campaign with all 30 characters.

Oh and I waited probably around 50h waiting in queue alone :eyes:, does that count?

*Might be even more. My ingame counter says 401h while my Xbox statistics says 30 days, which would put it at over 700! :zipper_mouth_face:

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lmao@"…waiting in queue…"

Just passed 600 several weeks ago on my last re return to this game. I hope in some way Gearbox returns to this universe again. I feel there are a ton of cool stories to tell and some very interesting gameplay possibilities.


Thing is, this game would be perfect to reemerge right now. All they would have to fix is the darn Matchmaking system. I swear, that was the true downfall of this game. They never truly fixed it. Nobody wants to stay in queue for 3min+ to get a match, every single time. And that was when the game had a healthy player base. As more people left, the waiting times just got extremely longer. It’s crazy. Between the character designs, humor, gear, character building, game modes, map designs, lore, and achievements, I believe that BB could have been in the upper echelon of games by now. Just so sad. Just like I hadn’t found another MMORPG home since City of Heroes shut down(now has unofficial servers, YAY!), I doubt I’ll find another Shooter/MOBA home, once BB shut downs. I don’t look forward to the void coming.

The queue times were fine the first two months of the game. IMO it was because Pitchford was “naïve” enough to portray Battleborn as a similar game/competition to Overwatch in the public’s eye. Didn’t matter if it wasn’t, the tweet spread like wildfire and just fueled the Blizzard fans.

That, along with their dreadful balance approach, driving away most of the remaining diehards. To back my point (without going into it), they tried to use the same approach in BL3, but saw it was quickly going to sh*t and changed their tune real fast. And now a year later it’s a massively successful and fun game, albeit slightly flawed (as most things are).

It wouldn’t replace OG Battleborn, but I almost found it with Paragon. Sadly, it was shut down a couple weeks before it was about to come out of beta.

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Still roughly 1000 on pc and 1000 on ps4, though ive been playing mostly ps4 as of late.

The in game counter only counts in matches,so if you spent a lot of time doing gear or in menu stuff (roughly half of my time based on my pc account…) you’re under-judging your hours played. :slight_smile:

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1233h on PC

Will do my last several matches vs bots with remaining 5 characters tomorrow. (a week ago I decided to do the last hurrah. Play one match with every single battleborn for the last time). + I’m recording the whole playthroughs for future keeping. ^^

Battleborn was definitely my top 3 multiplayer game of all time.


Got up to 826H 26M now. After I do my Genshin Impact dailies, I’ll throw a few more hours on BB before the shutdown. Damn, this is actually going to happen! :cry: :sob:

I just logged in to see if it still runs… And I still could start Story Missions and Bot Battles…

Does this mean Battleborn’s Demise has been delayed?

Anyways, just wanted to see if I can check my Play Time, 693h 40m.


They either extended the kill date to the 31st or accidentally pushed out the 25th when they meant to say “the 31st.” So, you’ve got one more week.

Oh… also currently sitting at 673.2 hours on Steam.
This does not include all the time I spent writing fanfiction and role playing on the forum. (I think I have more hours on the forum than I do in the game :laughing:)


One of my friends told me that they saw it was the 31st on 2K’s site a few weeks ago, but none of our group really trusted it so I didn’t mention it here in case it was false hope lol… Sorry…


Final play time…
685.3 Hours.

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Ended with 2861:19.


Holy crap…

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steam says 945.3 on pc with the game saying 425.54 in matches

ps4 in game matches says 610.45, so prolly 1356 hours on ps4.

2301 hours roughly, game times combined. well worth.