What are your traditions / routines during your typical match

spend the beginning of the match shooting Nova
When my girlfriend and I are ganging up on an enemy we shout “X GONNA GIVE IT TO YA” because of Rick and Morty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DO7eQGSvqE
Incursion - Always teleport back at the 28 minute mark to get the first thrall going
Shane and Aurox - If there is an enemy Benedict I make it my mission in life to snatch him out of the sky
Marquis - I like to play too close for comfort with super high attack speed and back hand anyone that gets too close to me
Isic - Only backdoor Incursion if my team is obviously handicapped
Rath - If I had his ice cream skin I would totally on use his sword lick taunt


Jump. Strafe. Jump and strafe when breaking shards. Jump and strafe when dead. Can’t stop these legs.

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I like to incorporate run some “parkour” at least a couple times a match.

On Overgrowth I’ll 360 from the sniper ledge to a wall and 360 off it into a minion wave. It’s a left over habit from farming tubbies in BL2. :smile:
I’ll also use this to thank healers if I have time. It’s always fun when they do it back


Always call out when you got a top damage dealer assist when on mic to make it sound like you’re an idiot from CoD that thinks his kill just got stolen despite this being a team game.


I always taunt as Miko.

When Deande, Melka, or Pendles (when I take the lunge at lvl 1) I try to get on top of the map before the match begins.

OM- Always taunt when doing nothing and never taunt when getting kills.

As Pendles vs low level, never attack, just follow them around.

As Shayne, never die.


Slap them a little sometimes. Remind them that you’re there. Pendles is always watching.


Clutch geyser bubble kills followed by dabbing with full glowy osmosis stacks as if my mother’s life depended on it.

Also, as Beatrix, I now prime Fulminate and slowly approach an ally, gaining speed the nearer I get. It’s genuinely terrifying. Tfw Beatrix bout to pop that Fulminate…


I have a tendency to jump and quick melee so the quick melee doesn’t hurt my speed.
This can be terrible with Burst propulsion

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Whenever i play Kid Ultra i always throw Drones at our Pendles.


dude that’s just mean hahaha

Kid Ultra doesnt believe in sneaky underhanded attacks, its just not FAIR.


This is my favorite activity in the game! I especially love to tentacle slap them when they are in their helix. My all-time favorite, though is to just sit there and stare, face to face, at the enemy Pendles. Then, when I get bored, tentacle slap him and run off!


You make up for it with that charming “None of that” every time you disrupt an enemy out of their ult and save the entire team.

Which reminds me, we’re totally overdue to play sometime again!

Oh, and my own tradition is to sulk through an entire match just because I died once, and then talk endlessly about that death through the next match, until everyone is tempted just to mute me already. That unfair Hawkeye in red bar while body blocked behind the sentry tho…


Always taunt Benedict.

  1. Match in Bb means not only PvP, so
    As Oscar Mike I always, I mean ALWAYS do stealth backdoor on all The Algorithm “shooting ranges” - sometimes, rarely even survive that. Can’t help myself.
  2. Back to PvP, every map, every mode: I start by jumping around, shootjumping and so on - measuring input lag. If it’s crappy I write apology my team for how bad I’ll be performing.
  3. Paradise, Meltdown - always trying to gather most shards at first spawnrun and build a mid turret, a tradition.
    4.1 Monuments, Incursion - rather not originally I usually start the game by attacking incoming enemy wave from 1st sniper perch, while the nemy is storming mid, they usually get pretty good beaten minions as a result. Then I snipe retreaters.
    4.2 As Benedict I tend to combo this with gliding on the wall next to sentry and onto high perch from where I end just chipped wave, rinse and repeat (I’m a bad assassin, I concentrate on waveclearing).
  4. As Ernest I tend to calculate 1st helix: if enemy got few melees I take Concussive Charge to push’em of my CC’d comrades/them from their healers/them into my ranks - jeez, how many times have I let those runners get away with their lives because “No Galileas near my pals!”.
  5. Any map/mode: when team is clearly winnig I waste my ult, as like “hooray!”. Trying to fight off this habit.
  6. As Orendi I always push Reyna out off her bubble.
  7. As Alani I always bubble Montana throwing a buff (it’s like an addiction).
  8. I hate Boldur, I always say that to my team prior.
  9. I never taunt ppl, like never.

Last night I killed a Benedict on Outskirts shortly after he bought an Elite bot. I taunted him and the elite bot turned it’s focus on me and killed me just as I finished the taunt.

Worth it.


I’m still adjusting to my shifting work schedule so I won’t be online much tonight. I need to get up at around 4 am but I might wake up sooner because I’m still adjusting to it. If I do we can get some games in. The time zone difference might actually work in our favor for once.

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It’s always worth it.

Also always worth taunting a kill when you kill someone taunting a kill, even if it means you get taunted after being killed for taunting the taunter.


But it’s not worth getting taunted for taunting the taunter who taunted the taunt. You can only take things so far.

Taunting is too tauntalising and tauntamount to terrorising the enemy to forego.