What ASE element do you use and why?

All is in the title. For those that play ASE, which element do you favor and why? I hesitate a lot on this subject (Amara being the only one where shock damage really stand out)

Moze main here.
I’m using on weapons 125% fire for 2 magazines,
Shield has extra 50% radiation and grenade for now is “throw annoint” but I’m looking for Clonning Maddering Tracker with either Cryo or Shock ASE.

Using mostly fire since it’s what Moze is good at, but also need to have something for armor/shields to drop them faster.

Having Maggie with 125% fire and that Rad shield is crazy combination, everything just dies. Can’t wait when I get that Maddering Tracker with Shock/Cryo… That will be GOOOOOOD!


I play exclusively as Amara. Corrosive is what I use for my main weapon most of the time. It eats through armor and also does a good job on flesh. I put shock on my shield and use shock as my elemental damage on AS. I also keep a shock weapon handy for busting through shields.

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With Amara I use shock as my action skill element, so I complement it with 50% corrosive on shield and 50% fire on grenade for general mobbing. For bossing, I swap my ASE element on my grenade to match the boss weakness.

For Fl4k, the same logic applies. I like to use rakk attack, so corrosive on shield and shock on grenade (since the rakks are fire).

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zane here, always corro and mostly incendiary or cryo , if i somehow happen to not play arena or dlc content and there are no armors then i will use cryo+incendiary but that rarely ever happens.

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Well, on Zane (that I’m generally “maining”) I don’t use ASE anoitns.

On Fla4k, I try and have 100% / 125% anoints on guns, and then Radiation and Corrosive on Shield / 'nades.

In general, I try to keep radiation as a first priority on shield or grenade.

Why? Because in addition to doing damage, it can spread to other enemies. I thought it also amped damage like slag did, but I can’t seem to verify that.

Second priority for nade and shield is cryo. It can slow/freeze enemies and dovetails nicely with radiation vulnerabilities and resistances (Both are 100% vs. flesh in Normal and TVHM… Rad is 100%/150% vs shields and weak vs armor…Cryo is 120%/150% vs armor and weak vs shields.

Then for guns, I try to match the element of the gun with the element of the ASE, if I’m lucky, and specifically avoid cryo and rad since I should already have them.

Of course, if I’m running some build that is super strong with a given element, I might change out one of those shield/nade options to have it more reliably (e.g. if I’m using a shock Amara build, I’d switch out radiation for shock, since those overlap more closely than cryo and shock).

All based on the hope that this is accurate:

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A good plan. =]

I had this impression, originally, too. Haven’t been able to verify it anywhere, but I’m sure they stated at some point that it would amp damage, and then removed that. However, the DoT, explosion on death and spread to nearby enemies are all really useful, against groups.

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It’s accurate

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Personnaly, my to go list is

  • Amara - Shock (For internal synergy)
  • Fl4k - Fire or cryo (Mainly use kinetic weapon with Fl4k, meaning I lack a bit of a kick against enemy with large health pool, fire help for this, cryo is a good allrounder which cover the armor weakness of kinetic)
  • Zane - Radiation : Good all purpose element which allow you to blow up shield while using your fire weapon, and still do good on flesh, and some aoe
  • Moze - I don’t use ASE for obvious reason
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My Cast Amara has two basic setups that I alternate based on how I’m feeling.

I have a band of Sitorak that does Radiation ASE that stays on so Topped Off gives me new Cast charges fast. The ASE also makes my second cast in an Avatar Chain get the element.

I have the Siren Radiation anointment on all my guns (It’s just a build quirk. I liked it, I did it. Cast250 is probably stronger. I don’t need it)

But I either have shock Action skill and run fire guns, or fire action skill and run shock guns. I’ll use the grenade anointment for whichever element I’m not set to. So shock when fire, fire when shock.

If I go to a Corrosive area, I haven’t really decided yet. Lol.


Cryo and rad. That way you don’t need to constantly switch elements. Then use a fire weapon for fleshy, or a corrosive one on bots.
Amara can add her action skill element to the mix too, which is shock. She can apply 4/5 elements at once. Which just melts stuff.


i am using all elements but radiation
i am kinda neurotic with element systems and always have to use the most effective element against any enemy :smiley:

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Because i am an explosives Moze with an itchy flakker and a cloning maddening tracker and Mr. Torgue keeps telling me he wants more explosions. Dude is so hard to please.


That made me laugh ^^

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If you play ASE, then ASE 100% weapon damage is the one to go for right?

That paired with a shield and grenade with ‘ASE 50% extra xxx-element’ and your done.
I switch the two bonus elements depending on enemies. Nor ally cryo and shock (because cryo also works on flesh also works on armor). But if I’m going into psycho territory I might take fire element with me instead.

That said, I have found a lvl53 brainstormer with ASE cryo. So that deals shock from the brainstormer, then cryo from the ASE.
Then I leave Corrosive and fire on my grenade / shield. That way I have all the elements while mobbing. And the Corrosive ASE helps with Wotan.

My favorite ASE element is Cooldown because can’t spam that Action Skill element enough!

I would say that 50% elemental is still better.

I run FL4K and usually use a 50% shock shield with a 50% fire grenade. I use the health return and cryo rakks which are boosted by my ice breaker artifact.

I’ve noticed that the cryo on top of the shock, drop armor/shields and the fire melts the enemies. This combo has made them (fl4k) into a non stop killing machine (literally)

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Whether you are better off with 100% ASE or 50% elemental ASE on your weapon depends on how much bonus damage you have. From the video you post, it seems the usefulness of the 50% one comes from being applied after other bonuses.

Say you have 0% bonus weapon damage, and you hit for, let’s say 100 damage (though this doesn’t matter, it scales the same regardless).
With 100% ASE: 100 * (1 + 1) = 200 damage
With 50% elemental ASE: 100 * 1 * 1.5 = 150 damage

Once you get 100% bonus weapon damage, 50% elemental ASE catches up, however:
With 100% ASE: 100 * (1 + 1 + 1) = 300 damage
With 50% elemental ASE: (100 * (1 + 1)) * (1 + 0.5) = 300 damage

If you get more than 100% bonus weapon damage, 50% elemental ASE pulls ahead. Say, with 110% bonus weapon damage:
With 100% ASE: 100 * (1 + 1.1 + 1) = 310 damage
With 50% elemental ASE: (100 * (1 + 1)) * (1 + 0.5) = 315 damage

However, that’s not taking into account the full picture. You can get 50% bonus elemental damage on your grenade and shield mod. This swings things back to 100% ASE for quite a while. With 100% bonus weapon damage (from other gear) and 50% anoints on shield and grenade:
With 100% ASE on gun: (100 * (1 + 1 + 1)) * (1 + 0.5 + 0.5) = 600 damage
With 50% elemental ASE on gun: (100 * (1 + 1)) * (1 + 0.5 + 0.5 + 0.5) = 500 damage

In fact, 100% ASE on your weapon stays ahead until you reach 300% bonus weapon damage, at which point they break even:
With 100% ASE on gun: (100 * (1 + 3 + 1)) * (1 + 0.5 + 0.5) = 1000 damage
With 50% elemental ASE on gun: (100 * (1 + 3)) * (1 + 0.5 + 0.5 + 0.5) = 1000 damage

So, unless you have more than 300% bonus weapon damage, or aren’t using 50% elemental anoints on your grenade and shield, 100% weapon damage is still better from this standpoint. Of course, it is possible to get that kind of bonus weapon damage with some builds (ie, spiritual driver). Also, the 50% bonus elemental damage spawns extra projectiles on certain weapons. I’m not sure how exactly that interacts, but its something to consider before throwing away a 50% ASE recursion or the like.