What awards the Vibra Pulse?

Does anyone know what specifically triggers the awarding of this weapon? I know it’s tied to sabotaging the Crimson Radio towers, but it does not appear to be tied to a character level (I’ve gotten it at levels 33, 36, 37, 44, 46 and 50), location (I’ve gotten it in the Anvil, Floodmoor Basin, the Splinterlands, Athenas, Desolations Edge and Tazendeer Ruins) or number of towers sabotaged (I’ve gotten it after completing as few as 8 and as many as 21). E.g, today after completing my 13th I received a weapon skin, then after completing my 14th I received the Vibra Pulse (so it does not appear tied to the list in Moxxi’s bar as the 13th awards an item, not the 14th).

Also, does anyone know if the Earworm can still drop or was that only during the limited event back in October?

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The Radio tower hacking crew challenge for Moxie is the only thing I know for sure gives that gun.

I had similar experience and it seem to be random.

For me it was the 17th mark on the heart board in the bar if I recall correctly and rewards were always consistent in order, but hey there are a lot of things bugging in this game

As far as I can tell the Vibra Pulse is just as random as the Hail or Crit. Seems like there’s just a random chance every time you sabotage a tower.
I don’t even think it’s bugged, since her other guns have always been pretty random.

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weird . Does that mean you are not even guaranteed to get it doing all the towers?

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Sounds like it. Not guaranteed.

I just wish it was better, pretty underwhelming compared to borderlands TPS