What "bad" guns do you like use

So a lot of times you see redundancy in weapon choices at op8, and at op8 viable weapons pool become smaller, so I want to know what weapons that are considers “bad” or not necessarily op8 power houses do you like to use and why?

For starters I love the slagga, three bullets for 1 and high fire rate, give it a Dahl stock and recoils accessory to make its recoil almost none existent and you’ve got one of my favorite weapons and my actions go to slag tool. Since the grog this bad boy doesn’t get enough love

The buffalo: I’ve always loved scope-less snipers, matter of fact some times I use gibbed to take the scopes off my other maliwan a and Jakobs (only snipers w/ iron sight) because I love the feel so much

Bandit assault rifles: I love me a good ol’ lmg, thank the lord for the fusilade in TPS

volcano/snider: I know these are good and not bad by any means but 9 times out of 10 they’re passed over for the pimpernel. And I’ll say it, I don’t like the pimpernel and I love the storm

Sledge’s shotgun: again not a bad gun but one that is almost never used, I don’t know why it’s pretty awesome


Rustler’s Coach Gun and Hammer Buster are fun for a change of pace. I love the Slagga for Axton. If I’m not the biggest fan of Thunderball’s Fists on the board, I’m at least top 5.

My big one… Everybody seems to ignore the Emperor. I looooooove that gun. I’ve spent a ton of time farming them on OP8, and now have it in fire and corrosive. I use those frequently with Maya and a Legendary Siren (I don’t use the Cat often).

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I’ve been meaning to look into that one, what’s its downside slow firerate?

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There really isn’t a downside. If the Sand Hawk didn’t exist, it’d probably be a common go-to. I like that I can basically snipe with it. Laser accurate.

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I see, if dinky ever seen one once, me and a buddy got one fighting bunker when the game first came out as I recall its firerate was a bit lame, maybe it was my part but how do you handle handle that?

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It’s Dahl, so it’s burst fire. No slow fire rate unless you hip fire it, and I never have to as Axton or Maya.


Sound like my axton has some farming to do this weekend





My go to anti-air weapon, takes care of the sky-trash while I deal with ground dwellers.


The Flakker. :dukecheese:

I really like The Storm on Gaige, but I tend to go with what works no matter what it is. Since the Pimp works for me, I use it. If it didn’t, I’d switch to something else.


I love using the midnight star and trying not to die haha.

What’s the worst gun you can think of that’s either E-Tech and/or red-texted? Madhous? Landscaper? Gub? BlASSter? Bunny? Volcano? Wanderlust? Bane? Bearcat? Retcher? Bandit Spiker? I love and use them all.


Theres a ton a viable gear at op 8. Just as much as op 0.

I think you mean Sledge’s shotgun, which is powerful, but the slower, jerky Bandit reload I think takes into a tier behind the other top shotguns in the game… I do like it though…

I love purple Muckamucks, not a “bad gun” but not super popular because the game isn’t about sniping (as you can’t OSK many enemies on op8)

Worst gun… Blasster (just for that stupid side quest on op8), spikers/railers (not enough power given their supposed higher tier rarity), Wanderlust (would have been a cool, goofy legendary like the Madhouse, but as a pearl…), Bearcat (again, a pearl…), Gub (slooooooowwwww)

I second the Buffalo. I love using that rifle. Also the Elephant Gun and the Rex. All of the Hammerlock branded Jakobs weapons, really.

I’m a proud member of the Flakker club as well.

Come to think of it, I actually use a lot of guns that are generally vilified by a lot of players.

so the Flakker lovers here have to explain why you like it so much…not hating at all, just curious as I’ve never had much use for it (Flakker glitch also put me off of it)

I’m not accurate enough to use snipers without scopes so the Buffalo and the Longbow aren’t for me :grin:

[quote=“ChemicalConundrum, post:16, topic:1517144”]so the Flakker lovers here have to explain why you like it so much[/quote]When you learn how to get the “sweet spot” on target, it’s brutal. I mean, a number of weapons can one-shot things, but there’s something satisfying about a) catching them in the right spot and b) watching them disappear behind a bunch of explosions and yellow damage numbers. I was just doing this with a Longbow Bonus Package: when you catch enemies in tight quarters and drop some of these in there so they eat all the child grenades, it’s much the same enjoyment.

I prefer the Flakker for big game (because it’s easier to get more explosions on target), but some more advanced Flakker users can reliably take out ground-based enemies in open areas. When I’m feeling really frisky, I try to take out buzzards with it.

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I find it just didn’t have the accuracy for me, but I like to fight from mid-range to long range generally (unless playing melee) so maybe it’s my playstyle…then again I never worked with it enough to try to find that sweet spot that you refer to where most of the explosions hit

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I’d love to be able to use the Hive…

Just have to get one to drop first.

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Gub - Ok, it’s not actually bad at all but everyone says it is, so I think it qualifies for this thread.
Tinderbox - I love using it with a grenade damage specced Axton. On anyone else though, it is indeed kind of bad.
E-Tech Sniper Rifles - I love railguns in video games. If only the ones in BL2 dealt around four times as much damage… Still, I like their look and their feel and that has to count for something, right?
Retcher - It’s pretty fun, despite being outclassed by the Slow Hand in most ways.
Fuster Cluck - Not a gun but you just don’t see this grenade mentioned at all, which is a shame as it is very fun to use.
Chere-Amie - I like it because it can heal Axton’s turret quite well.