What badass character does deande fill

Just a thought since pendles takes the assassin role what does deande filo

A better assassin

She’s still an assassin, the big difference is that Deande can skirmish while Pendles can’t, Pendles acts as a disruptor with assassin capabilities but he’s not good at 100-0 fights, Deande can hold her own and cloak when needed while Pendles just lurks cloaked and waits for an opportunity. He doesn’t create opportunities the way Deande can.

Lol, but seriously like how oscar mike COD, what is deande

Pendles has 2 big roles:
1 destroy other team’s buildables
2 Make a fight a 1v1 to a 2v1 or a 2v2 to 3v2.
A good Pendles annoys the other team and gets some kills along the way.

Deande is much better at spreading out a team and forcing them into mistakes. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen a clone take an ultimate or a player stuns it. Also, the fans are a much better tool than kunai and can make her incredibly versatile.
A good Deande prevents a team from being coordinated.

Deande has much more utility then Pendles. Deande has actual range attacks that do damage and a full team stun. Pendles has dinky little shuriken that deals abysmal damage and has very slow attack speed. His ult is fine for either clearing waves or helping to assassinate multiple peoeple thanks to 3 second cooldown on Injection. Deande has really good wave clear with her burst dash and clones while also having the option for 2 slows opposed to Pendles 1.

Pendles gets completely blown up if the enemy has more then 1 character with reveal as he depends on that movement speed increase and stealth to not only assassinate but also clear out enemy buildables. If you have ever played a team with Marquis using his owls for map coverage you know what I mean. Deande doesn’t need stealth to be effective it’s just another tool in her kit.

Both are stealth characters but both bring different things to the table for their team. Pendles is the better 1v1 assassin and disrupt er as he can easily cause 1 or 2 people to stop what they’re doing to focus him while Deande is a much better utility jack of all trades character. Both are great characters and neither of them replace the other.


Total War: Shogun Geishas?

People have already addressed Deande mechanically, but as for the answer to “what badass character does Deande fill?” I would say she’s the closest thing we have to a femme fatale, if you want to look at it trope-wise.

GBX has done a great job in their female character design, IMO, avoiding over-sexualized stereotypes, but she’s the sexy spy, the refined hottie, exuding elegance while still having murderous butt-kicking skills.

Despite all this she is still pleasantly goofy at times, and optimistic and idealistic as opposed to being hard-edged and cynical. She has a solid moral center, she knows opposing Rendain is the right thing to do, as opposed to acquiescing to his bloodthirstily pragmatic plan of allying with the Varelsi in order to preserve the Empire at the cost of the rest of the life huddling around Solus. Her friendship/possibly more (shipping abounds) with Mellka is also indicative of the theme of former enemies coming together to battle an overwhelming foe, which is a central theme of the game.

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I disagree that deande is more versatile in any way other than level one. But I’m not gonna get into that. (I’m not a great deande, I’m a pretty good pendles.)

Pendles is a bursty assassin. A saboteur. And a thief.
Deande is an assassin, a ranger, a disrupter, and an escape artist. She’s a spy, and a killer. He’s a killer and a thief.

So deande actually creates opportunities for assassination while pendles waits for one while weakening the enemies for later opportunities

All of yall have been really insightful thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:

While I disagree with what you think about her versatility, I agree he is very much a thief too, even his personality and lore make it clear he is greedy to a certain extent, just professional about it

…Maybe in PvP but if we are talking advanced Helio I’m a Master of Deande and have maxed Pendles and assure you he stomps her abilities on that map in advanced mode. I can kill everything except Musk as Pendles with zero damage taken.

Yes I’m talking about pvp. Pendles is broken in pve since his invisibility breaks the enemies AI allowing him to kill anything without getting touched. Pendles is the best solo pve character atm for that reason.

Yeah, I’m a bad deande so I don’t see her versatility :stuck_out_tongue:

I suck at her too lol

if i can link her to a character from another game or a character that plays out in a similar way to her style then it has to be Shaco (League of Legends)… The clone mechanics (clone attack and the damage on clone expiry), throwing the enemy team into disarray, baiting them into attacking your clone while you setup for a nice juicy ambush - everything plays out so similar to Shaco… even the helix choice where you can do 25% more damage to an enemy’s back after uncloakig is pretty much the same as Shaco’s backstab passive…

Now I want deande to have a jester skin

Amusing, I was an awesome shaco! I totally see the parallel. Now I’m upset that I’m a bad Deande.