What Battleborn are good for The Experiment?

Yo, my brother and I are having trouble completing the experiment. I have all Battleborn unlocked, but my brother still needs to unlock a few. What two Battleborn are good for this mission?

I do the best, time and damage even living, as Thorn.
She can escape danger and dish it out as she retreats plus whittle down the MX monsters safely.

I always found Caldarius good for “The Experiment”, but you may find it a struggle during the first real battle (where you have to defend the two shields), but once you get over that initial battle with him, it’s super easy, especially when you get the perk that allows you to add extra damage to his flashbang (I forget the name of it, but it’s that or the missile spawns three child grenades.)

The best combination, I think, if it’s only two people on a team, is one healer and one heavy (Montana, if your brother hasn’t gotten them all unlocked). Someone strong enough to mow down as many of the Thrall as possible while the other can heal. It’ll be interesting to see what others feel is a good combination, though.

I think unless the map says “this character may be hard to use” for eg the hulking jeneret um… akkais? isn’t recoomended by the game for void’s edge, what ever character your best at is the best for the map most times. (Obviously solo miko wont be the best but that’s common sense)

Thorn or OM arn’t bad in general. Gf and i got most our advance golds (includion sab) with OM and Orendi, so don’t always need heal/tank.

It’d probably help people to know what kind of troubles you’re having as in which enemies and why they’re giving you trouble that sort of thing rather than just broadly asking which Battleborn are ‘good’. You’d probably get more helpful responses as they might be more tailored to your particular issues.

Oscar Mike is always useful for PvE with his multiple AoE’s and the fact that the AI won’t attack you after you stealth. Stealth lets you recover shields and easily and revive in PvE and the AoE ignores the shields which is really a convenience for speeding things along or for those lacking accuracy.

Along the same lines as Oscar Mike, Whiskey Tango with the Napalm and Triple Threat is nice firing at the anchors and slight leading down the line where they’re going to run keeps the burning going and it’s not too hard to get exp in PvE so his main issue of being a late game character is circumvented.

I find kleese great for the experiment, but you have to set his territory up as soon as you get a chance cause waiting until the waves start can be tricky.

Since all of my troubles in The Experiment have been caused by Antem, the sentry boss, I prefer characters with a lot of stuns. Antem can be stunned, which denies his artillery attack on the defense cores. In other parts characters with high AoE damage are good, since there are a lot of enemies you’ll need to fend off.

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Just solod it on advanced with kleese. Esasy enough with the 4 connecting rifts. I placed two on each defense point as necessary and bought all buildables. Taser is op.

Any character who can set up defenses is a good choice. Ambra has sunspots, Ghalt has mines, Kleese has his rifts, etc. Other than that I’d suggest any good ranged damage dealers especially Mike.

Agree with this. The times I’ve been on a random team that stomped Antem hard and never let him launch his artillery, it was a cake-walk. If you can’t stop his fire-power, though, it can be game over pretty quickly.

My favorite for that map is Shayne and Aurox for many reasons

  • Enough health to tank and defend
  • Boomerang Bounce can quickly clear lesser enemies
  • Aura of Annoyance can totally shut down the tanks missile barrage
  • Fetch can save big enemies from getting to the points you want to keep safe

They are a good mixture of the things you need to defend and have all the tools to really get it done

I also like Kleese in any wave defense mission, like some above said thorn. I do like Thorn but you wouldn’t want 2 characters like that, you would want one that can stand their ground when needed.

If I would go with 2 it would be one defender and one attacker.


Me and my fiance do it with Thorn + Orendi = max DPS + heavy AoE and speed! :heart:
But we had great missions with Reyna + Orendi/Phoebe too.

Reyna+Orendi/Shayne &Aurox are great team as well.

This may sound silly but El Dragon, he can lay out tons of damage and his spin allows him to clear mobs well, his dash allows him to traverse to undefended points on the map, and his ulti just clears about any mob which comes every 50 seconds. He is abit on the squishy side so if not him i’d recommend Shayne& Aurox or oscar Mike.

Kleese and Toby are always a good combo for Defend missions.

Id say try Shayne, or any character with good sustain. Galilea and Attikus come to mind.

FINALLY beat it with a team of 3, I used El Dragón and the others used Shayne and Ghalt.

Wow, the first time I managed to complete this mission solo was with ol’ Shayne and Aurox.

Looks like I made the right choice :stuck_out_tongue:

I struggled with Antem on advanced with Oscar Mile so changed to Orendi and continued to nail him with shadowfire pillar while his shields were up, worked a treat. Also, getting as many of the turrets as you can really helps take out enemies from all angles. Use some loot that gives you bonus shards so you can buy all the turrets

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And make sure you do this when you first arrive too. There’s no health regen/healing between the parts of the mission you spend at the experiment, so you can leave yourself pretty vulnerable if you let the nodes take too much damage when you first arrive.