What BB news do we want to hear at E3?

Mostly besides the first dlc pack. What are people hoping to hear?

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Nothing. If anything gets announced “at” E3, it would likely be some sort of platform exclusive nonsense (like Toby), and that would only serve to hurt the game.

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I’d like to hear more about GBX’s overal vision for the game…post 5 character’s release, new modes, what type of dlc to expect…etc

That they have a plan to add half a million players over the next six months.

Not to be that kind of guy, I’m just hoping to hear or see something with Borderlands 3. This game is fine but… it’s all down hill from here, I won’t really care about any other news unless it’s REALLY REALLY big. If it’s not big, it just be a waste of time announcing it at E3.

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Would love to hear that some BL1/2 characters are being remade in Battleborn <3

This would pull in more unique characters AND add to the player base no doubt, even if it would just be fan service. Being able to play as Zero again would make me happy.

Mordecai would be an issue though :frowning: we already have a sniper with a bird.

Brick maybe too.

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I love this game and its lore a lot and want it to be something amazing but overwatch just took away most of the initial small player base and I’m worried that Gearbox is gonna cut their losses a ms move on. Also, they’ve lost so much money on this currently😭

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That Gearbox was slow on fixing bug issues because they were preparing a hidden previously unannounced content update that will double the size of the games available maps, missions, and game modes, while adding additional characters not counted in the 5 they first stated with the season pass.

(You said what we would want to hear. You didn’t say how plausible it would be) :stuck_out_tongue:

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We are more likely to hear about BL3 imo.

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The game is turning F2P to sustain the player base. Bye BB, it was a nice game for first two weeks.

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Them revealing concrete plans on how they gonna make the game better and attract more players. They gotta tease their secret weapon already! (Assuming they have)

And most importantly, reminding us that they will continue to push the game to great lengths.

I don’t expect much BB news at E3 to be honest, and it’s way to early to hear anything about BL3. Maybe just some info on the DLC levels and new characters.


every announcement has been botched and confused.

the focus of bb should be less about gaining new players, and more around keeping their old ones. the media has already set the mindset on bb, so quit feeding them. give us a reason to stay and play and say to our friends, “hey, you should check this out”

they dont need e3 for that.

a bl3 announcement would be like would throw ■■■■ on the gravestone of battleborn

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