What Boosts Tediore Chucks in BL3?

In BL2 it was, IIRC:
Grenade Damage
Magazine Size
Splash Damage
And I beleive the base bullet damage (so an added boost to overall weapon damage helped but I am not sure.)

What boosts Tediore chucks in BL3?

I assume you want the absolute biggest mag size so Moze’s Unlimited Mags would be excellent as well as a Mod with:
Grenade Damage
Splash Damage
Mag size

And a Relic with Mag Size and Ammo Regen.

What shields and anointments would help? Any other suggestions/needs?

Ammo regen doesn’t really help with anything. You either need to use the Hanging Chadd with ammo regen (either on the Chadd, or your shield) for pistol ammo, or a cutpurse artifact with a facepuncher for shotgun ammo.

I haven’t found a cutpurse, so I mostly chuck pistols and use terror ammo regen on my transformer with the Chadd to refill ammo. I have to break from combat to do it tho.

Elemental projectors will boost any elemental tediore chucking quite nicely. I believe gun damage boosts the chuck damage too.

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I tested on Moze so I can’t be sure how special modifiers factor in for other classes, for instance I know Amara’s Driver com factors in but I haven’t tested to be sure where it fits in. I haven’t tested annointments so I’m not sure on what’s best there but the general formula is:

Chuck dmg = Normal hit x Splash x Grenade x bullets in mag x Elemental Modifier

Normal hit encompasses all the additive boosts a character gets times the card damage. So in Moze’s case this is pretty much everything, you can see Moze damage formula for specifics. Com boosts to Weapon Damage and Manufacturer damage also fit in here. Important to note however com boosts to smg dmg, pistol dmg etc are not part of normal hit and do not effect the reload damage.

Splash is all boosts to splash and area of effect, these boosts are additive to each other.

Bullets in mag is quite self explanatory, the only special case is an empty mag has the same damage as 1 in the mag.

Elemental Damage is again self explanatory. For the case of multiple elemental buffs they tend to be additive to each other. So for Moze with 3 stoke the embers and an elemental projector verse a fire enemy in tvhm the calculation is:

Fire mult x Elemental buffs = 1.75 x ( 1 + 0.3 + 0.9 )

Tediore chucks count as grenades and splash so on Moze they receive bonus fire damage from Fire in the Skag Den. The Fire in the Skag Den damage however is based on normal hit damage and will scale with more bullets in the mag. But gains no bonus from splash or grenade bonuses.

The chucks however don’t receive bonus fire damage from Selfless Vengeance, I didn’t test Cloud of Lead or Experimental Munitions so can’t be sure for them. The after exiting IB gain 40% bonus fire damage for 2 mags has no effect on reloads

Pull the Holy Pin will also allow tediore chucks to crit.


Does the capstone Short Fuse give any benefit to the chuck??

She is not doing gun damage per se…buuut the damage of the chuck is based on how many bullets in the mag times the actual damage of each bullet.

Short fuse would definitely increase base gun damage…at least occassionally.

I haven’t tested it so I can’t be sure, however I suspect not as Short Fuse seems to be treated as a form of bonus damage.

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Thanks…I will speck it and see if I notice anything while almost exclusively Tediore chucking in Black Site runs.

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