What borderlands character(s) annoys you that most?

mine are; claptrap, can only deal with him in small doses. pickle, its just something about him. and shadow trap, i died like 20 times trying to kill him not fun…
whats yours?


No explanation needed.

The guard to sanctuary, is it Jessup? He always seems to glitch out and it takes forever to let me in.


Every single resident of Elpis. That Aussie mushmouth drives me crazy.

it can get a little annoying after a while

Janey Springs, I f*cking hate her.


definitely needed, as Tina is the ■■■■.

pickle, the rocket ship lady, Roland.

I just can’t stand her in vanilla BL2. My ears bleed just thinking about her speak.

She was more tolerable in Dragon Keep. But the writer/s intentionally toned her down for that so I don’t really consider that the real Tina.

Handsome Jack(ass), he’s not funny, he’s just a egocentric a-hole. Him killing Bloodwing made it even worse. Good thing we gett to kill him.
Villains like Scolar Visari (Killzone) are my prefered kind of ‘evil’ (explaining this is a spoiler), so it might be that.

As far as playables go, for me it’s Krieg. I tried to like him. Tried to get better with him. I’ll only load him as a character to throw him off of cliffs.

As far as NPC’s go, Jack is meh to me. The first time I heard him, I thought I was listening to a low calorie rip-off of Xander Crews from Frisky Dingo or his near identical in Archer, minus being funny.

how can you not like krieg? and i think jacks hilarious. to each his own, i suppose.

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I just really can’t get into his skill tree. Jack is ok…but I suppose it’s because I’ve heard the trope before in other entertainment and much more well executed in the funny dept.

Just personal taste…nothing more.

Only problem Krieg has imo is the absurdly small fov when he gets hit by StV and DOT.

On the topic of playable VH’s:
Soldier type characters, except to a lesser degree Roland since he got me into the series in the first place. And Sal, horribly broken with everything he dual wields and I don’t like his personality (same for Axton and Wilhelm).

Tina and Lilith. Lilith’s just annoyingly dumb at times, and Tinas just annoying in general.

As much as I enjoy playing Krieg I really don’t find him to be that funny. Personality-wise he’s like a combination of the regular psychos and Mr. Torgue, both of whom I find hilarious, but imo he lacks the same self-awareness (for lack of a better term) that is evident in the humor behind them. I do like some of his lines (my favorite being “MEAT!”) but most of the time he just comes off as hammy and forced to me.

his lines when he sees a badass are the best.
Don’t cry when I pull your lungs out through your chest
I’m gonna swallow your throat, badass!
I can’t wait to taste your lungs!
I’ll show you what a real badass is!

He reminds me of fat majin buu.

…I don’t find any of those to be entertaining.

Let’s just agree that we have different tastes in humor, okay?

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i understand that.

None of the characters in BL1 or BL2 annoy me. Some of them are actually meant to be a little on the annoying side (Jack, Tiny Tina, Claptrap), but to me, they never reach the point of being so annoying that I start to hate them and there’s always a character reason behind that aspect of their personalities that justifies it and makes them seem more human, relatable and even likable. Yes, even Claptrap. I’d argue Claptrap is the most human and relatable character in the entire series. He’s the heart of Borderlands. One of the things I love the most about the characters in Borderlands is how much like real people they are. They all have unique personalities, weaknesses, flaws and speaking styles. I’ll admit that some of the playable characters have a few annoying player callouts, but I don’t think that makes the actual characters annoying. It’s just those specific player callouts that become annoying due to repetition.

I haven’t played TPS yet, so I dread the day I’ll finally meet Pickle. He seems to be the one character almost everyone agrees is annoying, so he must truly be incredibly annoying. Maybe he’ll be the first character in Borderlands that I’ll find too annoying to like.

wait until you meet Dr. Spara.

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