What brand do you use the most and least?

Mine is probably dahl the most and torgue the least. (Steel anarchy is about it)

  • Weapon wise I guess I’ll go with Maliwan, as I’ll take a Defiler any and everywhere.
  • And for least it would have to be Vladof. Which ironically is what I consider to be the best all-round manufacture in BL2.

But to make myself stand out from the crowd, I’ll claim Hyperion. I love me some Invader Nemesis and Nidhogg, along with a side of Destroyer.

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My tops would be Hyperion, S&S, and Maliwan. I want to say S&S or Hyperion, but it’d probably end up Maliwan. They just make so many top-notch legendaries it’s difficult to avoid.

Bottom ranks are Torgue, Tediore, and probably Vladof/Atlas. Vladof/Atlas seem very similar to me, I commonly think of them in the same way. That said, I end up using Vladof cause they’re everywhere, and I don’t use Atlas cause they’re rare. Tediores are nerf guns and they don’t feel punchy enough to enjoy. Torgue. Torgue is probably my least used. I don’t find them very often, and I like the accuracy they don’t provide.

I use Torgue the most. The Cobra Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle is my favorite weapon in the entire franchise, so I use it as much as I possibly can. Steel Anarchy Submachine Guns are also outstanding.

Atlas has the Ogre. Vladof has the Hammer. S&S offers the Crux and Orion. Maliwan offers the Defiler and Hellfire.

Jakobs, Dahl, and Tediore all offer an excellent Crawmerax slaying tool with the Masher variant of their legendary Revolver Pistols.

That leaves Hyperion as my least used manufacturer. Yes, they have the Nemesis Invader, but I never judge a manufacturer by their Pearlescent. The weapons are too rare to take into serious consideration. Their accuracy only matters at the extreme ranges Borderlands is not well suited for, and other manufacturers will outperform them at closer ranges.

Yeah I probably actually use hyperion as much as dahl actually. I love going thru the areas before the armory armed with nothing but my nemesis. And I feel the exact same way about vladof in bl2. I always end up using vladofs.

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Is “nerf” pandoran slang for “death”? ? My hx130b. Anarchy thinks so :slight_smile: seriously tho their smgs are actually potentially the best for Lil because she can boost everything except reload speed. Top Notch anarchys double stingers and twisted barrel elemental stingers are brutal for mobbing which is what she does best. And top tier protectors are excellent with mordy and allow him to use the accuracy gunslinger com without worrying about ammo. But I digress. We’re not arguing. Just nerding on the game we love

I do need to run a Tediore Loyalty someday, it might be that reload is something you don’t value until it’s gone.

It matters. The difference between my strongest tourge and that 130 is enough to go down in a mob. To be fair I don’t have an equivalent 130 steel but I’m sure it would be a monster. It does suck that saviors don’t come in anarchy flavor.

Most - Dahl
Least - Eridian

Haha I forgot all about eridian. That’s how much I use those things. Ok other than eridians?

Probably Jakobs.

Most: Jakobs/Dahl
Least: Tediore (except the Panacea of course)

90% of my gametime goes to farming, and being a Mordy player, this means the Penetrator or a Jakobs Masher. For mobbing, I use Jakobs and Maliwan equally. Never found a real use for any of the Tediore weaponry - the ammo regeneration gimmick really isnt worth it.

Keep a look out for top notch (barrel 4 or 5…action 5 scope 4 or 5) protectors. I have one In every flavor. Mordy wrecks with these. You can use the 660 gunslinger with the accuracy buff and not worry about ammo and elemental versions will be X2 or possible x3 with tech parts. There’s no where in the game I cant massacre with this loadout.

Most used is Maliwan, all there legendaries are solid. Least used world have to be Torgue or Vladoof, never had a reason to use those two over any other manufacturer.


Most used would be Maliwan and Tediore.

Least used would be Torgue and especially Vladof (I can’t remember ever firing a Vladof gun)

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Most: Maliwan, because Elemental Damage. Having a Mordecai with a Volcano and a Pestilent Defiler is game over.

Least: Eridian, of course, but then Vladof, because I just don’t like their snipers.


Cool to see some new faces on an older thread. Yeah, vladof kinda got screwed a little in bl1. Even that fire rate thing isn’t true. Like vladofs ARs only go to 13.9 and Atlas goes to 15. The hammer is probably the most solid orange. Rebels can be really good with the best parts. The vengeance if u wanna use the glitch. Mongols are just amusing. And screw the surkov haha


I’ve been finding some really good Surkovs lately, and I’m thinking they could be really fun and moderately useful if it wasn’t for the scope shake when you get shot. Can’t aim a close ranger sniper if you’re getting hit all the time, right?

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Yeah you really can’t. Something is always charging you or shooting you. I find nonE snipers to be basically useless in this game. There’s nothing any sniper can do that my 2 shot unforgiven can’t do better and faster.

Yep. There’s little reason to carry a sniper rifle if you have a great pistol with a 3.7x scope.
Yes, there are some reasons, but such a pistol will cover 90% of the reasons you might need a sniper rifle.