What brought you to Battleborn?

For me, I didn’t even think much about the game until trying the beta.

Have been a Gearbox fan in the past, with Borderlands and all, but with the comparisons to MOBAs (which I’m just not a fan of), I completely ignored Battleborn. But then when trying the beta a few weeks ago, I was honestly surprised by how much fun it was (specifically the competitive / MP stuff) - so the Beta is what drove me to buy it.

What about you guys?

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Played their original works via Valve, was on the team with Jeff Lane and did a bunch of SDK side stuff, loved it.
Once Gbox released that initial video where Thorn gets helped during battle I was hooked.

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TotalBiscuits first video on the Battleborn/Overwatch confusion, and after that and seeing all the characters and official Battleborn Videos on the Battleborn YT channel I was almost sold.

I binged story missions in the open Beta and got my feet wet with some pvp matches and I loved it.

Bought the game and the little figurines, altough Thorn and Montana look derpy in a closeup look… I love them

Also fell in love with Alanis design… she needs more fishtail tough^^

Saw the first video of it about a year ago on gamesradar I think. Since I love Borderlands and Gearbox it was a no brainer to keep it on my radar. (BTW I think Gearbox did alright with Duke Nukem and Colonial Marines)

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Game Informer doing that big article when the game was announced. I was always mildly interested in MOBAs but I never cared for the perspective. I once said to a friend “if they made a first person moba I would be all on it”.

This my first Gearbox game.

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Same here. I play some RTSes like C&C and StarCraft for the singelplayer and even tried Dota2 for like 30 minutes, but classic mobas especially if they are F2P are not my cup of tea. But hey Battleborn has coop.

Looking for a couch CO op games on the net and this popped up and also a massive fan of borderlands. So the buy made sense to us.

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I despise MOBAs, but I’m not sure if I would strictly call this a MOBA. It has elements of it sure, but after playing the beta I was sure this wasn’t going to be like LoL, Dota, or even Smite. The game showed a lot of heart and, though it has issues and some areas show less care than others, it was a game that allowed me to actually have a variety of interesting characters along with a single player option for when I just felt like doin’ my own thing.

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For me it was playing the game in the CTT. I wasn’t aware of the game until just a short while before the CTT and wasn’t really interested until someone convinced me to sign up for the CTT and try it. I’m glad that I did.

Releases of repetitive, bland and bringing-nothing-new-to-the-table PvP shooters in last few years.

I don’t quite remember for sure, but I think I first heard of the game from a certain Bahroo… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I enjoy MOBAS but wanted something new/different. Game is awesome.

Yeah, it’s the MOBA comparisons that originally had me ignoring the title. If not for the beta, which I tried on a whim without any expectations, I likely wouldn’t have purchased the game at all.

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