What buffs do people want for the Kadeshi?

I’m working on a mod that fixes the SP to feel more like Homeworld 1 and I’m wondering what buffs people want for the kadeshi. An HP buff for the needleships and a DPS buffs for swarmers are definite needs, but what else do people want?

I heard a lot of people complained that the MBFs weren’t doing nearly enough damage. Also give the needleships guns.

In my Remastered playthrough there was about third of them than I remembered. Maybe my memory isn’t perfect, but I still remember it being a tough mission, so I would just add numbers. There’s nothing wrong with that, they’re called swarmers after all.
Or maybe that was the auto difficulty ballance that made it easy just because I had a handful of fighters but fully capped corvettes.

Indeed with the Multi Beam frigates. Their beams dont last as long as they did in the original, and they…dont…spin.
A MBF that isnt spinning, is just a normal Ion Cannon Frigate with a skin.

Doing that spinnin mechanic was somewhat doable in the original homeworld via modding by changing the rotation speed to a ship to zero, and doing a little movement with the ship and then target an enemy ship, and the ship was spinning.
Very crude really lol.

But anyways, the Kedesh’s weakness for their swarmers was fuel, but since that is gone, they have gotten nerfed alot from the looks of it. Givng them a little more speed and armor and some stronger guns could fix it (not by extreme mind you).

Just my side of the coin.

A glance at the files compared to HW1 makes me think it’s not so much that Kadeshi ships need a buff, though their attack styles definitely could use work. Bringing destroyers back to sanity instead would be the medicine I’d prescribe.

The needleships do have guns. One of them took out one of my destroyers. =]