What build are you gonna run for the Maliwan Takedown?

I’m gonna run a more support tailored FL4K cause I’ll be playing the Takedown with my more casual buddies, focused on maintaining really high health regen and sharing it with everyone as well as using the healing augment on Gamma Burst. I’m using the Igniter Spiderant as my pet cause it grants a lot of health regen when you have a friend bot mod with like +3/+4 or +5 if you’re lucky ib Barbaric Yawp, plus it’ll boost my corrosive elemental damage vs Robots, on top of the stalker skills that grant bonuses based on what enemy type you’re fighting.

I’ve considered using a rough rider to raise my max health for technically even more health regen but it feels a bit silly, might test it out though.

Same ones I do now? I might make some modifications to my Amara build, though.

Melee Amara for sure.

I’ll be running my Jabber FL4K, I guess I will be soloing it too so should be fun! Think I have pretty decent gear so I will probably get through it easy enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Will be running my skag FL4k. PLan to start with M3 solo and then will see.

I doubt this will be able to be done solo but I will try my best. I am not a good player by any means but I usually get by. I don’t have friends so will play by myself so in that regard:
-My main Moze chucking Grenades and using IB as a last resort-type playstyle
-Tank Amara if I can’t get far with my Moze and need more surivability

If I choose to do Public Matchmaking because I can’t solo:
-Flak with as many Regen/Party buffs as possible and hope I get carried
In BL2 my main was Maya and reviving everybody with Phaselock was nifty. In TPS I was Athena and would cover all my members with my shield then Captain America them if they were down. It was real easy and great support. In BL3 I would have a hard time choosing a ‘support’ person because they don’t all seem that great without cooperation (And cooperation between randoms is rare)

Amara) I honestly don’t know what her support abilities are or how they can benefit everyone. Just Phasegrasp a group of enemies with Ties that Bind and let your teammates kill them off? Is that what support Amara is reserved for?

Flak) Support king probably? So much Regen and can go Invis then Revive people probably. Pets can revive. Pets also give them bonuses i think as well. Great support all around

Zane) I know I could spec into a nice shield build but that would regulate my team members to fight stationary inside my bubble barrier. Melee characters are screwed as they wouldn’t benefit. Most people run around so those people don’t benefit. My Zane clones wouldn’t help them. I don’t believe the Drone can revive them or help them. Besides a stationary Barrier I don’t see too much support options

Moze) I main Moze but tbh I never looked into her support abilities. Give everybody more mag size and incendiary damage possibly? That blows. IB blows. Target Softening is not going to make up for lack of other support abilities IMO but tbh, as I said, I’ve never even thought to play a support Moze as I’m a soldier class.

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Probably Moze to start with, most likely an Ammo Regen AR splash build using Rad and Corrosive with a Shock grenade for shield stripping.

Maliwan have a lot of Shield/Health enemies and Rad straddles that hurdle well getting a damage bonus on Shield and no penalty on Flesh. Moze’s fire skills will make short work of the Flesh. For those pesky robots that will invariably show up (as well as hardened NOGs and whatnot) Corrosive will do the job.

I doubt it’s going to need uber builds otherwise the casuals will get stomped into oblivion, complain a lot and it will be nerfed inside a fortnight. Any sensible build should do just fine.

Amara , non-melee builds.Of course will try Shooting Star if I can make it there with it.Otherwise Ele-Amara will do fine.M4 difficulty no doubt.

PS.From my current observations they will not make it farmable.Meaning you should repeat the whole raid again and again.So yeah probably need a strong mobing build first and foremost.

I’m gonna run the cheesiest, spammiest crit Fl4k I can because the takedown is balanced for 4 players and we all know how well that goes in COS…

i think you will find a lot of people will have to alter their build, primarily based on what is needed for the take down.

Currently cheating on my moze build with mistress amara and I love it. I’ll probably be taking amara and make adjustments as needed. Next I’ll try to hone in my moze for the takedown.

That’s exactly what this thread is meant to be about

i get that, but it’s kinda hard to figure out what build a person will use till the event dlc goes live.

If I give it a shot with my friends, I’ll likely be using my currently-melee Amara.

If I try to solo it, it’ll almost certainly be with my Fl4k.

I expect failure either way.

Jabber Fl4k with an anointed beastmaster corrosive lucians call and an anointed maggie. I’ll rock the transformer shield. My crit build gonna pop off.

Cryo Moze

  • Cryo Butchers with extra element damage on ASE for next 2 mags

  • Cryo Trevonator with 297% cryo efficiency

  • Redline for boss melting w/ Some for the Road

  • Electric/Radiation grenade to help me strip shields / control the field OR Cloning Ghast Call / or a cryo hex to get more freezing

  • Hive to help me weaken the field w/ Some for the Road

  • Ice Breaker Deathless for more freezing

  • Bloodletter with +3 desperate measures / 25% weapon damage / 29-31% shotgun damage (pretty sure i will NEVER find this but it’s the ideal com for this build)

I don’t have everything for the build but i’ll be farming graveward to get as close as I can.

My same old Clone&Drone Zane. Not really the most efficient build for Zane, not even the most efficient variation of Clone&Drone but it’s worked nicely so far and unless I end up completely and utterly stuck I’m not gonna change up my build.

what platform are you on? i’ve got a bloodletter with +2 DM / 25% WD / 31% SD / 30% Granade damage

Crit Fl4k. this skill tree.

Cosmic Stalker COM with +3 Big Game, +2 Interplanetary Stalker, w/ Weapon Damage, Weapon Crit, and Weapon Accuracy.

Flesh Melter Victory Rush w/ Corrosive Damage, Elemental Resist, and Magazine Size.

Big Boom Blaster w/ +50% capacity, 20% Shock Resist, and Terror generation on Action Skill End anointment.
Vindicator Ghast Call w/ crit Terror anointment.

Corrosive Lucian’s Call w/ 2mag Corrosive anointment, Westergun w/ +projectile Terror anointment, Corrosive Shredifier w/ x2 Bipod & ammo regeneration Terror anointment, Radiation Rowan’s Call w/ 2mag Corrosive damage anointment, Corrosive MOARR Linoge w/ damage and fire rate Terror anointment.

I’m on Xbox - getting those god rolls is not easy on console. I think on PC you can just mod whatever in