What build for Moze do you guys think is the most effective?

I’ve seen that Moze has several builds that all seem to fit certain situations (mobs, bosses, etc.). I was curious, for those have played/have experience with Moze what they felt her best build was, and what skill trees would be the best to invest in.

I originally started with a Bottomless Mags build but since having trouble with Killavolt switched to a Shield of Retribution build. Right now I have the Minigun and V-35 Grenade launcher as AS for Iron Bear. FFL has been a lot less so far and as usual I’m carrying way too many class mods (but hey, it pays to be prepared, right?). Favoring Jakobs and Torgue as mains but Dahl & Atlas AR’s get some love as does Maliwan SMG’s- the grenade mod is whatever does the most damage at the moment.