What build should I go with?

Hey everyone !

A few days ago I got a root canal treatment and it sucks xD
Now that I have nothing more to do than to lay in bed all day, I wanted to start a new Maya and work towards OP8.
Which build should I go with ?
Just name all the skills, I’m familiar with them. And hopefully I can experiment a little with a fresh build :smiley:

Firstly, are you going to be mainly playing solo or coop? If coop, go down Harmony at least as far as Res, a bit of healing always comes in handy and early game when you don’t have many skills or good gear you might find teammates dying quite a bit. But once you get to 31, respec and go down Cataclysm to hit Ruin, by early TVHM your teammates should have adequate skills and gear to not need constant healing and revives.

If solo, I’d still suggest Cataclysm, but it really depends what you want/prefer, Motion gives Maya plenty of CC and some survivability while Cataclysm is mostly raw damage. Either way, once you get to 31 I’d recommend speccing into Ruin, it’s a staple on most Maya builds and early in TVHM the elemental damage will do quite a lot as well as the auto slag which makes it one of the best skills in the game. Maybe start down Motion for CC and survivability until your build develops more and you acquire better gear, then switch build for TVHM.

As for an endgame build, well you’re a long way away from that yet, overall just experiment and adjust your build to suit your playstyle, by TVHM you should know what gear you prefer and how you like to play, focus your build around your playstyle rather than playing around your build. Maya is versatile and forgiving, you’ll find a build you feel comfortable with by the time you finish your first playthrough :wink:


Although running straight to Ruin is a safe move and never bad, I actually think slag to be less necessary in the early game and recommend a more balanced approach with Cloud Kill first, then Converge, then Wreck (and Res if co-op) then go to Ruin. Cloud Kill owns the early game now. When you get to endgame builds, check out @Derch 's YouTube channel, toss up another post and/or do some digging on past topics on this subject as there’s lots of options.


In early game I’d build around your best class mods. I’d then spec the tree supported by that class mod.
The skills I’d start with in each tree are:
Motion Ward, Suspension, Converge and Inertia.
Harmony Sweet Release, Wreck and Res.
Cataclysm Foresight, Immolate, Chain Reaction and Cloudkill.
However I’d probably be respeccing and switching trees with regularity.
In normal I think motion would probably be my first choice as it really defines the rhythm of Maya’s play, you get a grasp of her crowd control and a bit of survival to boot. The other two trees really just ramp up her damage and survival. Maya without motion I find highly superficial.

Really? I’d disagree, in late normal and early true vault hunter your damage (assuming you’re not using way out leveled gear) without slag is usually sufficient. I think Cataclysm to reaper should suffice for damage, but then you need to spend six points more to use ruin. These six points can instead be spent on either sweet release or ward, both will up your survival and how long you can stay in battle thus upping your damage output. Ruin without converge or phaselock cooldown help becomes very unreliable considering you have to spend five very weak points to get there, and it lasts only 5 seconds in NVHM and TVHM.


True, it’s been a long time since I started a new Siren, I’d forgotten that way back when I started mine Cloud Kill was still weak to the point of uselessness. I’d still take Ruin over Converge, then go straight for Converge. A singularity grenade can hold you over until you reach level 42, by which time you’ll be around Bloodwing.

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Building around class mods and gear is always a great choice and gives good variety to the early game

It seems we are in disagreement. I do quite the opposite, find a build I’m comfortable and seek out the desired COM, while leveling you’re constantly picking up new and better COMs, I might respec at will but not based on a COM alone. For example if I have a low level green Binder COM and I pick up a blue Witch, I’m not about to respec based on that COM alone as the skills and stats on that COM may not be desirable, and the Witch COM hardly is.

This is somewhat true, but on the contrary you’re not typically taking heavy enough damage in TVHM for survival skills to be necessary either. Sweet Release for example will only proc on a kill, and if you have trouble killing a badass you can’t reap the benefits. Against trash mobs either way works just as well, but against badasses you may find yourself pinned down and in a DPS race, and Ruin almost always wins that race.

Unless you have Suspension, Phaselock also only lasts five seconds, and that’s all you need in TVHM. As for weak points, Helios since the buff is a very powerful skill, unfortunately it procs before Ruin but the shock and corrosive DoT on Ruin after slag deal a lot of damage through TVHM. It’s also nice as a damage dealer and auto slag against enemies that can’t be Phaselocked such as bosses.

But each to their own, it’s more about preference over effectiveness early game it’s not really until late TVHM-early UVHM that a build really starts to take shape, by then you can have Ruin and Converge anyway. I still stand by Ruin at 31.


Ruin can win this race yes, but with the 26 points in cataclysm that you need for Ruin I could spend 16 for cloudkill and chain reaction and 11 for converge. This way between cloudkill, longer phaselock and a shield buff plus the added bonus of converge my character is better rounded can function better against normal mobs.

So there is two ways to play this, both can output high damage, ruin more so by a margin. However cloudkill is so ridiculous in normal mode that even badasses shouldn’t be a problem, that a long phaselock, cloud kill and chain reaction can’t fix. TVHM is still easy enough without slag. I don’t feel Ruin or Scorn are justified until ultimate vault hunter mode when slag is buffed in duration, damage boost and enemies have a significant health pool.

OP my advice is go with what you like, if high dps glass cannon is your style then racing to Ruin will certainly achieve this. If you want to have control over the battle field then Converge should be your go to, and if you’re struggling to survive go sweet release and elated.


On my way to cloudkill now :slight_smile: it’s been a few years since i played maya. But i’m going for a solo build. Back then i mainly focussed on healing, but i really want to see her samaga output

Kinetic Reflection + Blight Phoenix + Backdraft + Speedy Tediore Shield (+ selection of Ward and/or Harmony tree healing skills)

If you’re leveling a new character you may as well have fun with the ‘elemental porcupine’ type build while it’s still effective. :smiling_imp:


Go with this right here: http://bl2skills.com/siren.html#055001555105054000000555500501

Chaotic, fast, and fun. Be sure to have your running shoes on and be prepared for close quarters fighting. Just target the Thoughtlocked enemy, watch the mob get pulled tighter together until they are dog piling each other, and shoot into them. I run it with shotguns, pistols, and smgs primarily. My favorites include:

Omen/Butcher/Conference Call/Heartbreaker/Blockhead/Ravager
Unkempt Harold/Hornet
Legendary Binder
Bone of the Ancients
Neogenator or Blockade
Chain Lightning or Quasar

Split the difference: http://bl2skills.com/siren.html#505501055105054000005055005051

Thoughtlock target, Converge/Helios/Ruin go off, run right into the middle of the pack, kill target, Kinetic Reflection/Blight Phoenix turn on, next mob gets Thoughtlocked, Converge/Helios/Ruin/Sweet Release goes off while you’re burning everything, target dies, next one gets Thoughtlocked… :heart_eyes:

If I may, here’s my current Maya’s Thoughtlock build:

The point in KR is for when I decided to break out a Pimpernel, then I’ll use a Blurred or Mirrored Trickster instead of the L. Binder…

No Reaper or Chain Reaction? That’s alot of DPS that you’re missing.


I couldn’t disagree more with the right tree, seems like you avoided all the best skills: No Foresight, no Cloudkill, No Chain reaction, No reaper…

While leveling up I can understand trying other skills, but this is a level 72 spec…


Since this has turned from early game ideas to showing off endgame builds, here’s mine. I run this with a Legendary Binder - http://bl2skills.com/siren.html#555001555041050000000554510501

Perhaps I shouldn’t contribute though, this has gone a little off-topic…

I’d spec down motion before anything else. Ward is her highest passive survival boost, and the stun from converge (along with the longer phaselock duration) will add more DPS to your kit early game than slag.

IMO, slag doesn’t come into its own until UVHM. Before then, the debuff doesn’t last long, the damage increase isn’t necessary, and (this is especially true for Maya since she doesn’t have any swap speed) by the time you do slag an enemy you won’t have much time to do anything before it wears off.

Just being able to hold something still and hit it in the face will provide you with enough DPS to get through most anything pre- UVHM, so don’t feel like you have to pick up ruin right away. It’s good, but converge always comes first since it also makes chain reaction and cloudkill more effective.


Right now I’m really missing the survival aspect, but that isn’t a big deal on normal mode. Now I’m at :
Flicker, Helios and Cloudkill on Cataclysm

Sweet release and Weeck on Harmony

Together with a shock Fluster Cluck and Maliwan slag smg. Elemental damage does it for everything during this playthrough.

Once I get towards TVHM I’ll respec to a mix of everything said in this post ^^


IThat build with any decent class mod will crush normal … For TVHM, I think the Mercenary Day DLC is at L35, so you can look for a leg siren class mod from the loot train around those levels, not that it’s necessary at that level, but why not. Once I over level the loot train by one or two, I stop farming it as i’m likely geared up enough at that point. Again, I recommend the balanced converge/wreck (res if co-op)/ cloud kill build going to Ruin after (as you get Reaper too), but really anything works at those levels so if you get a blue or purple trickster COM, why not try out that build etc. edit : I’d take Immolate over Helios, but again pretty much anything works at those levels

Just finished normal mode and all of the side quests ( except for you know who ).
Level 39 at the moment and I just did the Mercenary Day dlc a few times without any skills to make it fair for Sir Tinder xD.

This is my plan thus far :slight_smile: :

  1. I want to farm my badass challenges a little so I can reset them as soon as I enter TVHM.
  2. I will throw away ALL of my gear and start over with the premiere club gear.

As for the skill tree ( based on all of your comments), it will be something like this when I start: