What build should I go with?

Badass challenges don’t reset I don’t think, but don’t worry about then as they barely affect gameplay. I’d start TVHM as you are nearly L40 already. I wouldn’t worry about side quests and just blitz straight through it to get to UVHM. In terms of your build (edit- Foresight is MUCH better than Flicker as bigger mag equals bigger DPS, I also prioritize Immolate over Helios)…sometimes Ward is better than Accerlerate with fast projectile guns, but it’s a toss-up at these levels. I’d put those two points in Elated into Chain Reaction and fill that up next, then Reaper after. Just gear up as you go, as you say. Up to you if you want to save any good low level gear on mules for future characters. I did that at first, but then found I enjoyed finding stuff as I went.

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You can reset BAC as soon as you completed an X amount ( not counting area and dlc ) challenges. I always enjoy doing the challenges so that’s why. And I’m close to achieving said amount I think. And I’m sitting at roughly 95.000 right now, so it does make a big difference to the gameplay for me. I like your idea for the build, I will start tonight :smiley:

You can reset your BAR challenges if you get a total of 485 ranks completed. The challenges needed for this are the ones between Enemies and Miscellaneous- a total of 17 different categories. My BAR is currently at 25%, which makes it easier to get new characters and mules to Sanctuary w/o worrying too much about doing side missions to gain levels- I can just concentrate on getting thru the main story missions to reach TVHM…

At this point you should think about specializing in one tree for a capstone skill or at least optimizing Cataclysm a bit more.


Scorn feels pretty useless to me, where I really like the health regeneration within the Harmony Tree itself. As for Thoughtlock, I never really used it so I don’t know how effective it is on UVHM and above. I am going for Ruin though.

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@Derch made a video on how to properly use it. It’s MUCH better than what most people who use it for the first time think. Short version: aim it slightly high so it sails over the enemies heads and doesn’t hit anything directly, and let it attack on its own.

Scorn is great. I used to think of it as just a weaker Ruin but it’s not. Like you (and Derch) said, it’s a question of aiming. With practice, you can use it to slag (and damage) large areas. Plus going that far into Harmony (a tree I have come to love) gives you Life Tap, which is absurdly good.

As for Thoughlock which was mentioned above, it’s a real game-changer and fantastic in many situations. It’s particularly valuable in solo but can be helpful in some coop fights too. It’s enabled me to solo Slaughter circles and the Peak with a great deal less pressure. It makes badass constructors and RPG loaders much easier. Phaselock can transform how you decimate one enemy; Thoughtlock can turn the whole battlefield in your favour.

That said, it isn’t always appropriate. But there’s no real way to know when it is until you’ve given it an extended trial yourself. I’m always surprised by how many excellent endgame Mayas have never used some of her skills. She’s immensely versatile.


Thats the video he was talking about

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Even though there are a lot of surveyors thoughtlock is great in the peak I’ve 4 player thought lock runs are pretty much a joke they are so easy.

The surveyors are the downside (although they will heal you when thoughlocked which has come in handy!) but I’ve found bosses like Scorch and Dukino are much easier to manage when you have the breathing space provided by Thoughlock. It’s a brilliant skill!

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And the assassins, that is often the hardest part. Doc Mercy as well. So much of it is made so easy with lots of thoughlock

This was a 3 player thoughtlock and 1 phaselock run.

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Tbh 4x Maya on the Peak would be hilariously effective even if you had the worst build imaginable :stuck_out_tongue: She rules there, it’s a soft ball of wool she bats between her kitten paws. :cat2: My favourite experiment was 4x Legendary Binder; we went for Phaselock to enhance the cooldown… it was insane. Took us under 10 minutes.


Thanks Derch! I really like your videos on YT :smiley: After seeing the How to Scorn I’m definitely using that for TVHM !

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Harmony is very balanced if you wanted to go that route. While it isn’t necessary to get a capstone in TVHM you should probably work towards a slag option so that you have at least Ruin or Scorn come UVHM.

I always favored Binder class mods while leveling. Longer Phaselock, faster cooldown, and high DPS will indirectly boost your survivability with minimal investment in Harmony during TVHM. Slightly modifying your previous build nets you Reaper and Chain Reaction and maintains Converge and Sweet Release. Pair this with a Blue Binder class mod, it is devastating all the way through UVHM. Something like this will give you the DPS to deal with tougher enemies and move you towards Ruin.

For something more focused on Harmony, I would only make an exception for Foresight. You’ll hit Scorn by level 47.


Thought Lock is what I used to go to OP8. Definitely strong in the Peak. I ran it without Sub Sequence because of surveyors.

Sample clips here. First is Dukino’s Mom and the Black Queens.

Doc Mercy area…

Assassin area:

Last room before OMG, catching the 3 SBA Surveyor spawn:

I usually go with a variant of Derch’s build these days, but TL is good enough that I was able to respec and do one run to get recordings. The aggro relief is awesome.

As an aside: I BeeHawk as a go-to with TL, in contrast with using more precise weapons without. The erratic behavior some enemies put up makes the wide plane of rounds fired a nice asset, and the aggro relief helps keep the Bee up easily.

Fanboys everywhere :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding, good vids. TL is wonderful… best performance I’ve got out of it was the Magic Slaughter Badass Round - 4 player difficulty, 3 players dead, TL made the King of Orks feasible.


With the changing of cloud kill into something a lot more usable it should deserve a look.

Dude! :laughing: I think you missed something.