What can a small team of their coders add/remove/fix in the game as an update for the remaining players?

(SnTin) #1

I’ve posted this on the subreddit as well. I’m interested in what you guys have in mind here in the forums.

Curious what you guys think needs some tweaking in the game without costing Gearbox too much time and people (since they’ve moved on and abandoned development). We’ve already come to accept that this game will never see a resurgence in playerbase again, so I just want a little something for us who are choosing to stay.

Since I mainly play PvE, here’s what I want, personally:

  • Increased Drop Rate from Bosses
  • Remove sub-optimal drops, every gear drop will be the “best” version within all rarities.
    • For example, “Duelist Glove” will no longer drop with less than +9.10% Attack Damage
  • Reduce experience needed to achieve Level 10 within Story Missions.
    • Better alternative: increase “Helix” drop rates in common lootable containers.
  • This one’s a bit of farfetch, but I want Advanced Boss drops to be able to drop from Normal Bosses, and vice versa. There simply are maps that are too hard to solo on advanced, at least for me. With the number of players we have, majority of them playing PvP, it’s nigh impossible to find someone to queue with for Advanced missions (let alone someone who’s aptly geared for it).

All of these can be achieved by tweaking some numbers and rearranging a few tables. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it shouldn’t take a lot of effort. I’m sure you guys have a lot to wish for in terms of PvP balance, but again, try to think of something that maybe 1-3 of their engineers can do within a day or two.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #2

I’ll even include a step-by-step walkthrough for the developers to follow, regarding my five small, easily-implemented changes:

  1. Open whatever software program is needed to tweak the damage values.

  2. Buff Toby’s railgun damage by 10%. Nerf Oscar Mike’s rifle damage by 10%. Buff Thorn’s bow damage by 10%. Lower Thorn’s ultimate damage by 10%. Fix Orendi’s “nihilism” helix.

  3. Close the aforementioned software program and enjoy a nice, hot pastry and cup of coffee, as you applaud yourself for correcting the five most ridiculous changes from the last several patches. AKA: Profit.

(Not-Toby) #3

I’d fix chat. Yeah, chat is broken for some, like long, long time. There’s a problem with disappearing history and entered text. When one skips ahead/back at the end/begining of a text with arrow key.
Also, controls for match summary, they pretty much don’t work. One can bang Enter to skip the damn thing and no, it’ll load every last of frame sweet, sweet counting animation.
…if it’ll even load as corrupted match history bug is persistent.

I personally have problem with Helix menu controls too as these can’t be configured at all. For me it’s the other end of a keyboard, or mouse cursor which looses focus in this menu somehow. And it’s not like it is easy to hit the right icon when “outside” everything is running -that’s what keyboard controlls are for, but again, can’t configure these.

Caldarius’ shameful “workaround” could be tweaked so his dash would be slowed instead disabled.

(SnTin) #4

Your problem with chat sounds like a non-issue, and would probably take quite a while to fix.
Not sure what your problem with Helix menu though. Don’t you have it configured to “1” by default?

(Not-Toby) #5

Helix menu has three hotkeys for picking left, right or middle mutation. These, by default, are Q, E, F. As much as I can “bind” any key for opening the Helix menu itself, internal hotkeys are hardcoded.
Now, if I’d be a WSAD user I’d probably had no problem with it, but I’m not. Also, I am hardcore PCMR, and we like customization in our games :wink:

(SnTin) #6

Ah, I see. That probably isn’t something that can be whipped up by one of their engineers in their freetime, but I’d love to be proven wrong. What keys do you use if you’re not using WASD? Are you left-handed by any chance? I have a friend who uses numpad keys instead of WASD.

(Not-Toby) #7

Arrow keys, I thought I hinted about it?
Anyway, all I need is a bit of consistency. If I can’t set up Gear hotkeys and have to rely on bindings for Skills then why not make Helix hotkeys at least rely on Skills keys’ bindings as well? Oh, and picking a buidable type should also be tied to said bindings. More consistency.
Also, I BET it’s exactly iike that on a gamepad.