What can be done to improve the BL3 experience?

i suggest you take a look at Diablo 3…

increasing difficulty… no weapon scaling…

old M4 was fun… but for some (including me) even that was easy…

M10 isn’t hard… but like the person you replied to allreadty said… people think they are missing out when not playing M10! that’s because of the BS weapon scaling…

that was the only thing i realy hated in BL2 OP levels… once i played M8 there was NO insentive for me to lower the OP level… if i did that, the game would become SO easy because i needed OP8 weapons to play it…

weapon scaling needs to be scrapped… that is one of the biggest reasons why M2.0 is such a failure…
it’s pigeonholing, plain and simple.

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What I meant was having anointments like the new elemental nova on crit or bonus proc chance on non elemental weapons. I agree having the bonus 50 percent elements on kinetic is great. Sorry I was tired and rereading that I wasn’t very clear what I meant.


Improve experience? No need! Award already been granted for “best user experience”. Sorry GB but LMAO.

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Played it a lot but never did get anywhere near the highest tiers of torment, nor did I ever find enough primal items to even half equip my main with them.

I gave up in the end as endless farming became highly unrewarding but that said I did like the crafting aspects to the game and the ability to equip certain “anointments” to your character directly on top of the effects that you had on your gear

They made such a huge deal about co-op instancing meaning that you’d get loot AT YOUR LEVEL and face enemies AT YOUR LEVEL, and then M2.0 comes along and none of that stays true during co-op. I have to fight enemies at the hosts mayhem level, even if I want to play at a higher or lower level, and my loot can be anything from M0 to M10 (at most) not the level I’m playing at.

I remember gearbox initially said that mayhem loot would scale down when dropping levels, so if you found a shotgun in M6 and dropped to M2, it’d do the same damage as an M2 version. Guess this was too difficult to manage, so they scrapped it. Would have been good though, as it would have given incentive to drop levels at will or climb up at will.

Even so, I’d rather they did away with the scaling items and just raise the drop rate at higher levels. And stop locking loot behind mayhem levels. The increased drop rate is the reward, it doesn’t need special loot.

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Probably mentioned already but more backpack space (happy for 50 but its not enough lol) and a way to quickly switch between loadouts if you use more than one; hate having to stick guns I actually would use on my wall or in the bank due to. lack of space (mainly from needing multiple elements of the same guns)

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I submitted a suggestion for a loadout system that would make using different builds easier. I think that and/or a better sort/search system in the vault would help immensely for tracking gear. If it didn’t take so long to rebuild my character from skills to gear, I’d try more things.

But who has the time to search through hundreds of items, often with the UI bugging out in some fashion, and all the while inane chatter is going on. I wish I could lock my door when I’m in my room or push NPCs out of the airlock.


Made it into t7 or 8 I think. I felt like I was actually trying to get higher and better with my builds.

The crafting and such was a nice way to make use of vendor trash and actually resulted in some ancient pieces.

The higher I got the more rewarding it got (Steady increase in new gear for all classes)

Is miss that in BL3… M4 felt rewarding (sometimes even too rewarding) but I just wanted an increase in difficulty. Mayhem 2.0 didn’t do anything to increase difficulty IMHO… It turned the game into a circus with to much flashy crap that triggers epilepsy and is just a gigantic power creep… Weapon scaling was a bad idea in Bl2 and it’s an even worse idea in this one


1.a switch that removes all modifiers
2. correctly scaled gear that makes sense compared to peers a good example would be how far behind bitch is compared to zx1 or oldridian same for other peers. it literally makes no sense to have a gun that does 700 dmg 65-85% crit compared to same lvl smg that does 2000 dmg 10% crit the whole point of the gun is to be the best on headshots ffs. i could name load of examples but i won’t.
3.fix the damn lag and stuttering on nvidia cards. if game runs ok on amd there must be a way for nvidia.
4.fix bugs and change things that do not make sense (character skills being useless or overlaping with guardian rank and such)


please stop letting enemies spawn with cryo guns :slight_smile:

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+100 Yay while this post is active!
I didn’t hate cryo before Mayhem Mode 2.0 (MM2.0). Now I loath it. I almost fell to my death getting cryo’d as I was jumping across that little gap on the way to Killavolt. :sweat_smile:

But seriously, it sucks. Crowd-control on players isn’t fun.

Also, fix the stability issues.

Also, #PippieMustDie.

That gives me a great idea for a difficulty slider…


oh. oh no…


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Oh please please please no grinder. Worst thing in TPS. Although I’d be ok with adding a semi-grinder function to the lost loot machine. Have it spit out something better based on what loot is in there. Kinda like a grinder slot machine maybe.

Then they need to do something else with anointements. It’s stupidly ridiculous how much luck is in the equation of getting something useful.

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Cryo is fine, but it should lower your speed slower and prevent acceleration, not suddenly grind you to a halt, even in mid-air. That’s just daft.
And why does it work differently for NPC enemies, than for us VHs?? I have an efficiency rating that increases my chance to freeze an enemy as their health drops, while they freeze me with almost every shot. Why can’t they have a small chance to freeze, which increases when my HP is low? That’d be fair, and (as long as I keep my hp up) I’d have a way to prevent it.
(Deathless 1 hp builds would need some kind of cryo protection, maybe.)

Give us an exact explanation of what the F luck actually does?
Seriously, does it increase higher rarity drops and lower lower rarity drops? Does it increase anointment drop rates? Just legendary drop rates? Does it affect the rolls on loot or not?
And I mean, I want numbers, PLEASE. Something like “For each 1% luck added, your chance of whites is lowered by 3% and your chance of oranges is increased by 0.5%, plus the chance of loot being anointed increases by 2%. The base percentages for these are 10%, 0.5% and 4%. So, at 1 luck, they become 9.7%, 0.5025% and 4.08%.” (Or whatever.)

Just explain some of the basic mechanics of the game, rather than using all the weird vague terms and jargon.

I still think reducing the Mayhem levels from 10 to 5 would alleviate a lot of issues. Mayhem level 5 just being bonkers difficulty.

i guess, but i’d want them slower than regular bullets. make them more avoidable at the very least. an enemy that slows me with hitscan guns for free isnt fun at all. especially if theres not much tell to whos shooting, ive gone into ffyl in wotan fights bc one freezy maliwan boi shot me once

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