What can you do with an inactive team mate?

The dweeb is just standing where he originally spawned.

Wait for him to dc from inactivity or back out of the game and load up a new one. Those are really the only options.

Oh yes, and report for inactivity. Always report. Hate when people queue then don’t play.


Thanks, was hoping for a better solution. We just went back and shot them until they left. Actually, they rejoined the campaign half-way through and completed the match with us. You just never know I guess.

Then they were purposely waiting for you guys to approach the end of the mission (for the rewards), and were probably doing something else (TV, other game, etc.) in the meantime. It’s rare for me, but i HAVE seen it done before. Always an anger-inducing moment…

EDIT: Possibly a disconnection also, which happens to me occasionally.

I would say a swift kick to the D|¢$& should handle most problems.

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If it were Halo, I’d suggest teabagging. Teabagging solves everything.


Simple, play WF. Taunt Deande for canon taunting

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This is an issue. Could the fix be an option in the menu?

Makes sense, the levels are long enough that you may have to put the game down to run an “errand”. So what if you could open the menu and select “be right back” option. This would take them out of the game in a sense so the others could progress in the level.

On the other side of the coin is people who start and game and drop the controller just in the hopes the team carries them to the end. But maybe a more aggressive inactivity timer is the way to go.


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"What shall we do with an idle player,
What shall we do with a idle player,
What shall we do with a idle player,
Early in the morning?"

"Chuck him to the Ronin till he rage quits.
Clip him through the floor and make him DC.
What shall we do with a sleeping player?
Lock him in the spawn room 'til he joins us.
Give him a ranged toon with a -Reload on him.
Spam his inbox and annoy him 'til it’s over."

"Tie him to the ship when she’s in slipspace.
Heave him by the leg over a ledge.
Scrape the HP off him with a lot of quick melees.
Give 'im a dose of salt and anger.
Stick on his back a “GRENADE ME” sticker.
Keep him there and make 'im bail 'er.
Give 'im a taste of the Ghalt’s Hook off a cliff."

"What’ll we do with a rage quitter?
Flood him in reports till his account is banned.
What shall we do with the Queen o’ Quitters?
What shall we do with the idle player?"

"Tie him to the control point and let him have it.
Pubstomp him till he’s sober.
Save his loadout with a flawed gear.
Flood his bank with some garbage.
Give 'im a taunt from the Thrall that killed him.
Put him in the menu and make him wait.
Put him in Nova with Benedict’s launcher."

“What shall we do with an idle player?”


I was singing that to the tune of "what would you do with a drunken sailor, I wish I could give you all my likes

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If that actually followed the meter to “Drunken Sailor,” you would’ve been my new role model.

I usually just delay playing until they get auto-booted.

In his defense a lot of it was

The first stanza was. Unless there’s some version of the song I’m not familiar with.

I used a bunch of lesser known bits, and I also got lazy :joy:

I also never used any refrains