What cant i do with an nat type 3?

hi guys,
i was just wondering what features i won’t have access to with nat type 3. if someone could let me know id be greatful. thanks!

check you router settings, especially for “Port Forwarding” (manual port opening) or “UPnP” (automated opening), if your router features this, check google for PS4 specific ports to open.

ya i know. ive done it before but i have to buy a static ip and i dont want to buy it if i dont have to, so does anyone know what problems i will face. i have read the thing that pops up in the loading screen of the game and says you might not be able to join some matches but i would like something more concrete than that. anybody know?

I played NAT 3 for the longest time because my ISP had me behind their own IP. Had no troubles really, but that was me.