What challenges give customizations?

I am ready to prestige, but I don’t want to do so until I’ve gotten all of the custom heads/skins from the challenges. Can anyone give me a list of all of the challenges that give customs?

Ex. Battle Star 5, Crouch Potato 3, etc.

I don’t need to know what I’ll get from the challenges, I just need to know to do them.

Almost all of the weapon BA challenges can be ground out pretty fast using the "Capture a Guardian Wraith Mission) on this mission just do not capture the wraith , kill it , it re-spawns forever
Same mission can be used for some grenade challenges, the elemental D.O.T challenges and a few others
Triton Flats is good for several vehicle challenges

Thanks a bunch! This may take a while. I may have to set up my prestige weapon mule somewhere and revive him repeatedly. Crouch Potato is a long one, I’ve heard, although I may already have the custom from that somehow.

Picking up 50 glitched weapons in the new dlc also rewards a new skin.

I earned a skin for my claptrap tonight from some BA challenge, I forgot to unlock it and I sold it along with a bunch of other stuff.

I really wish that if the skin wasn’t already unlocked, the game would automatically add it to the customization stations. I have no idea what challenge it was, so I guess that’s bye bye to that skin, or do they unlock if I don’t have it because that would be great? D:

Can’t agree more. I’m not sure why you have to ‘Unlock’ Heads and Skins. They should just automatically unlock in the customisation stations. And why do we have to pick up Moonstones, Eridium and Torgue Tokens??? It’s a real pain in the A. Of course I want to collect them. Why make me press X hundreds of times? These items should just be absorbed like cash and ammo. Maybe a way forward for BL3. I know I know, these are major gripes ha!

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I agree 100% on picking up stuff, the most annoying example is when you’re in a vehicle and you’ve hit one of those asteroids, it spits out all those gold nuggets plus tons of moonstone. You auto-pickup all the cash but you have to get out of the vehicle to get the moonstones and that’s amazingly annoying.

Okay, this has derailed. The topic was which challenges give customs, and that has been answered.

A good place to grind out challenges is RedBelly’s arena. Just kill Belly first, then kill Red. Killing Red last will continue to spawn Lil’ Scavs. I used this arena to grind out the Gunslinger and Crouch Potato challenges.

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