What changes/additions should happen to skill trees?

If Gearbox were to make changes and/or additions to skill trees (assuming they fix the existing skill trees), what would you want them to change or add for each/any character?

As a Moze main, I think it would be great to have an action skill override where you can remotely deploy Iron Bear at a location, causing a big explosion (similar to Axton’s nuke skill from BL2). Using this action skill override would count as using your action skill, which would trigger anointed gear without having to hop in/out of IB. The cooldown of your action skill would also be highly reduced. This could also work with Auto Bear, where after Iron Bear drops to explode, it will continue to fight for 15 seconds. It seems like a lot of people who have played Moze have not like the hopping in/out playstyle, and I think this would resolve it.

For Zane, I think it would be cool if he had an action skill override for his clone copy, where you could instead blink a short distance and the clone would be spawned at the place you blinked from. The clone would be able to attack enemies for a certain duration. You could have a low cooldown for this action override so you could blink and spawn multiple copies of yourself.

Just a couple ideas I think would be interesting.

Anyone else have suggestions for new stuff or changes to existing skills?

For Moze, another sustain option located in another tree considering the points investment needed just to get Vampyr.


This is actually what led me to start using the Blast Master COM. I use the Nagata as a healing grenade. I didn’t notice any difference in the effectiveness of having 5 or 10 points in Vampyr with this grenade, so Blast Master with only 2-3 points in the skill was just as effective, and then I could put points somewhere else. Now I only go as far down the Demo Woman tree as pull the Holy Pin, as it increases my chance for damage on this comparitively low-damage, but good-for-Vampyr grenade. The Blast Master COM takes it further if I don’t reload.

But still, I agree with you. Everyone else has passive healing or life steal. Vampyr, despite the name, isn’t even a life steal skill. It only heals a percentage of your missing health, so it works well if you have a Nagata, Cloning Maddening Tracker, Spring Epicenter, or Cloning/Vindicator Ghast Call, but it pigeon-holes you into using those types of multi-exploding grenades for her ONLY healing skill.

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