What character has the fastest combat style?

Ive been trying to like TPS but the combat is just so slow and boring. Ive tried Clappy and gotten to right after killing Zarpedon, tried Jack a bit but he seems slow. I loved the Mechromancers insanely speedy and frenetic combat style from BL2 if you guys could recommend the character closest to that pace that would be awesome. (Excluding Nisha because thats just easy mode)

You can try Shotgun Wilhelm. He’s pretty fast paced

In general its definitely not Willy, he has a fairly defensive playstyle.

At max level I would say Jack or Athena. Jacks best playstyle revolves around constant jumping and motion in order to pop Jacks for kill skills and get Crits down while on the move.

Athena has a couple movement skills but it doesn’t really get insane until you have blood rush and can start flying around the battlefield, which if you really like gunplay won’t kick in til much later.

Melee Athena is insanely paced imo

Constant jumping and motion is my preferred combat to a T. How is he through the first playthrough? Im tempted to use to just bump him to TVHM because regular is just soooo easy. - Does Athena ever get fast paced gun-play? Wasnt good with Krieg so fast paced melee is uncharted territory.

The first play through is awkward and slow unfortunately, because his fun component kicks in when you have enough points to get his Leadership capstone. Until then he kinda feels like a turret character.

excluding nisha, your best bet is definitely athena. blood rush + tear makes for a fun, fast paced hybrid-type build or you could go full elemental and dish out insane fire rate and damage as long as you have the proper gear for it.

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Id totally play Nisha but I would just feel dirty. She is meant for newbies and its easy enough as it is.

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just saying, probably not wise to use the “G” word on these forums. the mods dont take kindly to it.

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Ugh. Im probably just gonna use then. I cant play more than like 30min without getting bored.

i can see where you are coming from. but she is the fastest. im not sure about UVHM speed runs, but ive heard she is the fastest. (also assuming because i play too much nisha)
on a side note, nisha can be played with a skill aspect to her. just dont use the action skill or spec into trick shot or the unforgiven.

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nisha, but as you have said she is too easy (which she definately is with the luck cannon)

second to that, athena, then jack, then aurelia, then claptrap, then wilhelm.

Jack explodes at level 30-- Leadership + Best Foot Forward. Once that frame is in place, it’s non-stop movement and murder. Some like Leadership + Sponsored By, I prefer Leadership with heavy Hero of the Story (Hero Pose, Persistence, Resolute). Ultimately, the rest is just icing on the Leadership cake. It works with any shield or gun, and it does magical things with grenades.

Athena is a blast, as well. Maelstrom is a huge single point skill. Teslas… Whoa.

I don’t understand.

You want the fastest… But not THE fastest because she’s… too fast ?

Why exclude Nisha ? Her whole thing is that she kills fast. Isn’t it what you want ?

She kills fast, dies fast and runs out of ammo fast.

Sure, on an optimized build she gets rid of some bosses faster than most, but overall she’s not “easy mode” She’s a glass cannon.

Athena is much closer to “easy mode” IMO : you have a button that grants you invulnerability… How easier can it get?

Wanna make Nisha more challenging: just don’t use a crapshooter COM. Even at 5/5 Tombstone doesn’t break the game and trick shot doesn’t replace the need to aim. You’ll find that a lot of her COMs are very interesting to play and overall she’s very enjoyable, as long as Tombstone isn’t the focus of your build.

Even the action skill requires planning: it lasts 6 seconds and is a liability against moving targets, so you have to learn to time it right.


Not with 25 Order stacks and the Celestial com ;p

Even with those, she’s still a glass cannon… Albeit a tempered glass cannon maybe. She’s nowhere near as tanky as all the others, maybe on par with Aurelia…

I can explain more in detail what makes Nisha’s survival skills special once I get home to a real keyboard if anyone is interested.

Very much so. I can’t imagine how Nisha can be as Squishy as Aurelia.

I did a test once of how many times Order procced. It was a pretty dumb test, I just pitted a max lvl Nisha with full order stacks vs my pet specced Jack, and watched how many times order procced before she died. On average, with full health, it procced 8-10 times, and below 33% health, it procced 3 times on average. I know this is all RNG based, and it wasn’t exactly the most scientific test, but 3 chances to ignore death at least put her leagues ahead of Aurelia (which, lets be honest, it isn’t that tough to beat Aurelia at tankiness).

On a static test she’s much sturdier than Aurelia, but Aurelia is first and foremost a Sniper, her playstyle lends itself to being hit less often. Just managing her shield is probably enough with her most of the time. Nisha is more of a brawler, so she needs some survival skills just to be usable.

Yeah, in ideal situation, she’s almost unkillable, but there are a LOT of things that Order is no help against.

Yeah, Order stacks to me have always seemed like an always-active version of Axton’s Grit.

But we both know that “not supposed to get hit as much” doesn’t actually lend itself to “being hit less”. TPS makes sniping difficult with its enemies that can jump across planets and its tendency to make you fight on even ground or uphill a fair number of times. She gets hit. And it hurts when she does. Besides that, 2 of her only survival skills require you to be close for full effect, so staying at range entirely may not always be the best plan.

I’m not disagreeing with you that Nisha can be squishy compared to every other character, but comparing her to Aurelia seems a bit off.