What character is a counter for ISAC

Last night i was running some private 4v4 pvp matches and this one kid who picked ISAC was unstoppable. we played like 4 matches and he had no less than 15 kills each match. what strategy or what character is good to stop ISAC?

WF is great if you spec for crit damage and shield pen. He really shines at level 10 though when you get the 100% shield pen on his ult and then you can really tear ISIC to shreds - with enough bullets left over for his team mates who are left frozen in horror muhahaha :smiling_imp:

Welp, just about any Melee or Marquis is his bain. Although, if the team is too melee heavy and they are paying attention a top tier ISIC will run plasma wards.
Any stun, silence, knockup will take him out of his ult, which you know is happening because he has a giant cannon sticking out of his head and he’s moving around like he crapped his metal pants

His big forward shield has a damage cap, you know he has hit it when it changes from a smiley to a… not a smiley.

Anyways, goodluck, gitgud, etc.

Caldarius can scare him off pretty good because of his giant crit spot

I’ve typically had an easy time against ISIC’s as Phoebe, since she can get to him quickly and stop him getting away, has the damage to eat through his health pool quickly, and her dash really messes him up since it lets her run circles around him while he’s ulting.

Phoebe is great especially when you catch them in turret mode.

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The thing with Isic is…he is a really big angry target. What people forget though is he also has some of, if not the best, sustained dps out of all ranged characters. But he is also suuuuuuuper susceptible to CC and has a huge hitbox. Take advantage of these things!

If I’m not playing a high DPS character like Montana, I’ll try to flank him so he can’t use his shielding against me. If I’m playing Miko and have sticky spores, I’ll throw one on him even if he has his wards up because by that time I have the mutation which applies the kunais’ poison to all of my attacks.

Stuns will knock him out of turret mode, and he can’t defend against ground AoEs.

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You should just ask ISIC himself.

Me? Oh I don’t have any weaknesses, I was manufactured that way! Nothing is more fun than seeing big dumb meatbags melt their own faces off with their own bullets because they somehow think they can beat my Wards! Do you seriously think you can gun down a walking death tank? Ahahahahahahahaha!

Want to know what’s not fun? CC and stun effects! There’s no blood or guts and that’s just no fun at all! Nothing is more pointless than tactics that serve no purpose but to delay the inevitable…of your gruesome and painful death! Seriously…don’t use them! I also would highly recommend against using Marquis. He’s just a crazy Magnus with a weird obession for owls. (I hate you Marquis, I hope you fucking die!)

Glad we had this chat, now lets resume with me crushing your skull with my onslaught of death and misery!


If the player takes ISIC ability to reflect projectiles, then Marquis’s sniper shots will hit him instead.

A skilled player can counter most threats, regardless of the character he’s playing or playing against. It’s all about knowing what’s incoming or what’s about to happen.


He might be a force in PVP but dang if he isn’t terrible in solo PVE. He might be a force in higher helix’s but I wipe a bunch on easy content than with other toons with him. His main DPS is pretty weak.

ISIC is beastmode in both PvE and PvP. Those charged shots are hardhitting.

I love to play ISIC, so I have analyzed his main weakpoints:

1st - High CDs compared to most other characters
2nd - Big model (allies, enemies and the map itself limit his mobility greatly once he used his dash)
3rd - He is very susceptible to AoE-attacks. Especially continuous damage fields like Thorns Blight are very effective as they damage all parts of his Rotating Ward.
4th - His basic attack is very weak as long as he can’t hit the charged shot.
5th - His Omega Strike may be unlimited, but it also makes him very slow and any kind of disruptive CC will end it quickly.
6th - He is more shield, than health, so any upgrade that deals more damage to shields or penetrate them is extremely effective.

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I would also add that he can have trouble with sneaky shots, since he continuously fires out his baby pulses you can tell where he is going to fire his charged shot. Also while many large characters have small crit spots ISICs seems to scale with the size of his hit box.

Yet in exchange he can’t be critted from behind and he can shield his front with his Aegis, so it is a pretty balanced thing.

Deande lvl3 mutation, he wont see you coming and knuck him up in the air untill dead. Every single tank must fear deande!!!

Marquis. I play a lot of Isic in PvP, and these days there seems to be a marquis in every match. He is an Isic ender, and people who play marquis seem to know that. In incursion with Isic I wind up having to run away constantly because of massive damage hits that seem to come from nowhere.

I use Deane with Shield pen gear. It also helps to bring friends. If there is an Oscar mike or Orendi (anyone that can do AoE really) I communicate with them to drop their AoE’s on Isic as soon as I knock him into the air at the end of Deade’s combo.

I think I didn’t understand his cannon charging correctly. Gonna give it another go tonight.