What character should I choose? (semi-aggressive playing style)

Hey guys :slight_smile: I am about to try the pre-sequel for the first time. which character should I use for my first playthrough? (will probably stick to that character until max level). I loved Maya in BL2. And I play kind of agressively, I dont like laying behind waiting for opportunities. I wanna be where the action is. but at the same time, be able to destroy!!! :smiley:

On that basis alone, I would say Athena.

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My first I started TPS with was Claptrap, the main benefit that I liked about him was(and still is), He Don’t need AIR!!, also with the right build and Gear, he is pretty much a Tank.

Next 2 favorites are split between Jack and Wilhelm, Jacks skill throws out 2 Duplicates that can be BadAsses with the right perks, Wilhelm throws out Wolf & Saint which also gives out Good support.

The others just haven’t got the feel for them and they just don’t seem to turn my crank like the 3 I mentioned do. Others can give you Ideas about them or you can even look in the Sub-forums specifically for them to learn more

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If you liked Maya, Aurelia would be a good fit for you. They have similar CC abilities.

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While we wait for someone to suggest Nisha (as the only character not recommended so far), I’d just like to suggest that you don’t actually stick with one character exclusively until you hit level 70. Quite apart from the fact that it’s a looooong drag from 50 to 70, playing several different ones means you can pass the good stuff on when you out-level it. I’ve found having characters about 6 levels apart works for me. If you decide to complete each play-through before starting another, make sure you farm enough moonstone to max out your bank storage! The other benefit of playing all the characters is that they are all very good and play quite differently.


I am currently leaning towards Athena, or Nisha. cause i googled a lot and they say she is a pretty good damage dealer, but also a glass cannon. idk. maybe i will just start off with athena and see what happens :smile:

whats similar between aurelia and maya? I saw someone else here recommended me athena when i said i liked maya.

I tried making a clap-trap at a friends place and found him kinda confusing in the start. i am not sure he is the right choice for me. I found his skills somewhat confusing. idk.

I have high level (all characters) on BL2. I love them all in their unique ways. just wondering what i should choose as the most powerful single player character, which also plays well with others :slight_smile: maya is fukking awesome in BL2 with the Bone of the ancients, Fire Sandhawk, and the bee shield :smile:

Really only the whole cryo thing. Which is actually a pretty BIG thing, but IMO Aurelia is still better early game in the “drop back and snipe” role. Once you get to TVHM, you can mix things up more between the different skill trees. If you like charging in, I’d still go Athena: Maelstrom etc. are your friends, lots of elemental goodness to go with the Aspis healing and attack.

yes, his skill can be confusing to some, just have to know what to pick or not pick in his skill trees

Very Good Advice, I have all the toons (all haveing 2 or more per toon) at all different levels and have gear passing between them all,

Converge=Polar Vortex
Bitter Riposte + winter’s veil=ruin+ scorn (in a roundabout kind of manner)
Magic Bullet= Res
Frigid Touch=lifetap (not exactly, but close)

When it comes to crowd control, Aurelia and Maya are very similar, but Aurelia has far more damage potential than Maya, at the cost of lower survivability. Still, if the CC was what you liked about Maya, that playstyle fits more in line with Aurelia’s skill set than Athena’s.

Aurelia is the last character I would pick for a tanky, aggressive play style. I’d go with Wilhelm or Jack.

All they said was that they liked to play aggressively, they didn’t mention tanking. You can still play extremely aggressive with Aurelia, you just can’t tank that much. But you have life steal, so its not like you can’t survive up close.

I recommend Aurelia if you liked Maya. She can be played aggressively and they have similar CC among other things as I recall.


You can play her aggressive and tanky if built right and yeah she is very mayaish

So far the recommendations are between Aurelia and Athena. I’ll leave these here for you so you can get a better idea of how they play with what I assume is the play style you want to use.
EDIT: Ninja’s by Derch, I was gonna link that.

Well, here’s some Athena gameplay for comparison.

Of course if you really want to play aggressive its hard to beat nova spam Jack


Not as maya like but if you use a cryo shield that is a ton of CC.

Maya and Jack are my favorites at least

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My recommendation for a playstyle that involves ‘being where the action is’ is to go with either Athena or Jack. Simply put, those two have skills which allow them to take a lot of hits without going down. Other classes (Wilhelm, Aurelia) are more suited to fighting from behind or near cover, as their health replenishment skills tend to be more ‘over time’ than RIGHT NOW in nature. There may be people wanting to argue against that statement, but the bottom line is that nobody else has options which compete with the Aspis’ flat damage avoidance, or Jack’s ability to steadily fire off Take Their Freedom, Teamwork, Winning, Delegation, Resolute, etc. Jack and Athena can straight up face tank the raid bosses.

Aurelia and Wilhelm are strongest when playing high octane peek-a-boo (they don’t have to completely hide, but using line of sight and moving a lot is best). Clappy and Nisha are different. Nisha can be tankier than she often gets credit for, but many people set her up such that her defense is simply sneezing to clear a room before anything can kill her. Claptrap, I’m not properly qualified to speak on, but he seems to be able to be put together to be pretty durable, though unpredictable.

My favourite for TPS is Aurelia, Nisha is fun but a bit of a glass cannon and I got bored with her playstyle. I felt I could jump into the action more with Aurelia as she felt most like Maya to me… a good crowd contoller. Maya is still my most favourite character from the series. Lilith and Aurelia tie for second. I hope this helps.