What character should I master next?

Have mastered Ghalt, Ambra, and El Dragooooooon. Thinking Benedict or Kleese next. Any suggestions?

Benedict is not good at all you should stay away from him… shiffty eyes

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Lol, hmmmm guess I will then…

Toby. If you master that lore you will be a hero/ video game god in my eyes.

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That bad huh?

nooooooooooo!!! stay away from him less poeple playing him mean more chances i can not fight to pick him!

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Double kills… the double kill lore challenge difficulty is real.

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Oh wow. Just read it. That seems insanely hard. Might have to try it ha

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Got any tips for a man trying to master Papa Shotgun? I need the First Blood challenge

I rush the middle in overgrowth with the trap then hook. While they’re stunned I unload my clip into their face and hope they’re playing a character with low enough HP for it to work like Orendi. There are better ways however…

That one took me the longest. Usually my team mates would die before I had the chance to kill an enemy lol. I basically would just run to the middle of the lane, throw a trap and try to hook a squishy into it. If they didn’t insta-die and tried to run away I would chase HARD. Even if I went down, I was getting that kill. And then I’d look up and one of my team mates died 10 seconds before…:confused:

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I’m working on Whiskey Foxtrot. I still need 2 crits on players, and 17 more Oscar Mike kills. ; - ;

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Yeah, I usually play meltdown. Not sure which would be better for First bloods.

The struggle is real

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That’s one of the ones that needs a major adjustment. Really think it ought to be one and done.

Good luck…I am currently using him. I am doing the mele and scrap push off via campaign.


Or attikus actually. People always say he bad and maybe early game he is. But everyone I’ve seen is a fricking machine halfway thru the match. Like killing me in 4 punches, negating my lifesteal, and ending the fight with the same health he started it with. I know to stay away but I always get tricked cuz I’ll see him with like less than half health punching a turret and I’ll be like oh yeah here we go attikus… Nope he just turns around tickled and pummels me in 4 hits lol

lol I have him at level 3 actually so might just finish him.

Lol he looks so funny waddling all over the field punching everything without a care in the world haha.

I just have to go into pve and get solar wind kills for Ambra. And I’m like 50% with rath. I decided right away I was going all Jennerit before I switch to another faction.