What characters do you see played that no one plays better than you?

As the title says: which characters do you see people play that you could confidently say no one plays them as good as you?

Off the top of my head I would say Montana. I see plenty of them and some do just fine but I couldn’t confidently say I have seen a Montana play better than my Montana

I play a mean Kelvin

I’ve never met a better Phoebe then me. I think that’s partly because I’ve never met a Phoebe like me(not skill but play style).

I’ve never been outplayed by an enemy Mellka on PS4, but I’m positive there would be PC players who do it better. And also I’m positive there are PS4 players who could play her better as well - they’re just not playing her, because she’s not top tier anymore.

With ~280 matches and 100 hours (over a third of my BB playtime) invested in her, you’d have to hope I was pretty good, honestly


Whiskey Foxtrot. I used to go 14/2/8 every game, now it’s more 6/0/15, but I OWN in wave clear, and sentry damage.

Most other Foxtrots I see are either always going negative, or rage quit early on.

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Good kelvins are a nightmare. I have a matched saved as el dragon where kelvin was my absolute bane. At the last minute I slowly killed off the other 4 members but the kelvin gunned me hard after that. Timer is ticking down and I back peddle the entire time quick meleeing him back trying to stay alive. He got me though…


Good phoebes excite me. I usually see them do worse than your average whiskey players but when a player phoebes well it’s a very enjoyable nightmare to deal with.

How do you play her that’s so different?

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Totally agree. Whiskey is probably a character that I very rarely see do better than how I play him but am not nearly as confident to just proclaim that out right.

I find that most whiskey players you see are either inexperienced like you said or just plain vets with him. You gotta really enjoy him to consistently pick him up over and over again :slight_smile:

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I’ve been playing him since the Beta, and he was my first master before they changed his lore. I have devoted my Battleborn career to master the art of the Foxtrot, and yet I still have much to learn.

You haven’t seen me play him then. :dukegoof:

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Would love to! It’s just when I picked up Montana again and mastered him I know what I should be doing and when. The dude is a cc beast but the hardest thing to utilize about him is the fact that he eats billets whenever he is in view. I have had super Grindy matches with him where it’s a constant fight for mid that I know we are only having a shot at cause I am playing Montana


I give you many kudos sir. I feel that way about many characters. One of the reasons why I still play pretty much all my masters is cause I could always be better(I am usually kinda bad about not dying…)

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Well, I don’t want to say no one plays Montana better than me but in a Montana-Off, I think I would win more than 50% of encounters and the ones I lose would be a close call. He’s a very well designed character once you learn how to use him properly.

Oh it would be just absolutely pompous for someone to say that they were absolutely better than any other player with said character. But there is definetly a character that you have to acknowledge as being one that you never see being played better than your own.

And yeah I have to agree. Montana is just insane if you get good with him. He just has a higher skill cieling than you would expect. And I think a lot of his mutations are incredibly live and worth considering

How do you tend to play her? As a Phoebe main I’m interested (been in a bit of a rut with her after playing others). I tend to just teleport in while someone’s distracted and just true strike around the lowest health bar until I get a multi kill. Past 5 I play riskier with more minion killing. Past seven is when I confidently walk up to full health enemies and rip them to shreds. Pre 5 I only go for finishing off someone or helping with a kill. Then I actually initiate when someone’s alone

Hmmm. I’m pretty confident in my Ambra skills now. I almost always have least deaths/ most kills / most minions / most heals / most assists / most damage. Otherwise, I’m better than most Orendis and… hmm. Yes, I’ve never seen a better Ernest. I’m sure one exists, but I’m most likely high up there.
(Normally I never brag but that seems to be half the point of this thread in a way)

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Probably Shayne and Aurox, I also play an awesome montana

I’ve finally went against a good one as Phoebe. Never got close to her. Constantly shut down my teleports, my ult, everything. I was absolutely crippled. It was… the most respect I’ve ever had

It’s what shayne and aurox do best, harass

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the biggest difference in my play style is my approach. it depends on the team comp but I usually lead with flanking BR silence melee till they hit half health and teleport in front of them/body block when they flee. If more people would save they’re CCs to secure a kill they would more mileage out of their characters

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