What characters do you think counter Ernest?

So far I found one of his hardest counters to be ghalt. So far every time I’ve gotten Ernest in my trap he never survives. I’ve also found Galilea and pendles to be good against him. What about you guys, who do you think takes the bird down?

Snipers can kill him easily… but he can also kill them easily.

I would say S&A, Boldur, Deande.

Mellka, Calda, Thorn and Orendi as they are very mobile and hard to hit with grenades

Pretty much anyone who can properly disrupt his territory (his egg + teammates) and avoid (or ignore) the worst of his grenades are good choices.

Ironically, he is his own counter. If two Ernests face off, assuming equally skilled team/team compositions, then it will come down to the Ernest with better aim or grenade bounce.

As mentioned, snipers are great choices. Ernest can kill snipers with relative ease, but they have the range advantage to him. A properly set up Marquis can not only kill Ernest, but can also use Ernest’s egg placement to his advantage by placing owls/time rifts in common egg spots and watching those spots for easier kills.

As usual with front line aggressors, Ghalt is a good choice. Using the hook to pull him out and combo into a trap is a really good way to get a pick and shut down offensive fronts.

Ghalt, s and a, gally, Deande, Pendles, etc. Any stealthy or pullyou characters.

Any skinny character at all.

Agree with all of the above, and adding Toby

With Toby it’s an even matchup between the two Toby could wipe the floor with Ernest or Ernest could blast his ass with nades since Toby’s f*ckin huge. I’ve seen instances of both so far

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True, but I’d give the upper hand to Toby assuming both players were of equal skill. Toby has arc mines that deal damage in hit and aoe/dot damage, plus a big shield - ernest has a mine that does damage on detonation (no aoe/dot) and his egg. I’ve found Toby has an easier time pushing Ernest out of his defensive position than vice versa

What about the types of ernests that spam from around corners and behind walls? The types that require you to go deep into enemy lines to stop. So far my experience with that is mostly in incursion, with the ernest gaurded by team mates.

I got absolutely rekt by montana this morning while playing as Ernest.




A really sneaky Deande or Pendles

Oscar Mike

Basically stealth or pull characters. Oscar has AOE too, but Ernest may pick 35% damage reduction to AOE, which can really hurt the Oscar’s effectiveness.

Against an Ernest

  • Ghalt

  • S&A

  • Pends

  • Deande

Against a good Ernest

  • Mellka (used to be, anyway… now, not so much)

  • Thorn (blight, egg-snipe), Marq (egg-snipe)

  • Phoebe (silence + melee rush)

  • Gally (well-timed pull + silence)

People forget two things.

  1. Good Ernests always pick R1 (our escape, anti-perch disruptor and runaway finisher)

  2. Ernest’s quick melee is pretty damn strong

Boldurs (good or bad) aren’t that big of a concern, when I play Ernest, at least.

If he gets too close, start quick melee’ing his face like crazy until he backs off. I’ve fought off some pretty good Boldurs this way.

A Deande in your face suddenly?
A Pends in your face outta no where?
S&A coming at you expecting an easy kill?

  1. Throw down a charge

  2. Watch them go flying into the heavens

  3. ???

  4. Profit

Unfortunately, silence can really mess with our escape. And Ernest isn’t exactly the fastest runner.