What class to play?

I haven’t played since December and plan on starting back up. I’m a caseworker for my state’s Department of Health and Social Services so I’ve been busy recently, to put it mildly, and simply don’t have time to do my usual research. Can you folks please point me in the direction of a powerful, easy to gear for class/build that I won’t have to do an extreme amount of grinding to get up and running?

Crit FL4K and some shotguns (Jakobs for AOE, Torgue for single target) will see you through most of the game. While anointments will help for M4, all you need to do up to M3 is a x18 Bangstick and a Stagecoach/Garcia/Hellwalker. No anointments neccessary, and everything is easily attainable through world drops and Graveward.

In the basic playthrough most everyone is pretty solid. Amara is a tank, and Moze’s Iron Bear can be a blast. Zane gets some great gear if you’re playing the Handsome Jackpot DLC but he’s also fun once you get the hang of him.

Thank you for the replies gents!

I’m really partial to Amara.

In my experience, Fl4k was the easiest to take through the game, and Amara has been the roughest.

Amara is the easiest with high survivability and damage without needing specific gear. Zane would be 2nd if you have the dlc to get a seeing dead class mod (drops often), he becomes almost unkillable. FL4K comes in 3rd with high damage but low survivability. Because our health is much lower than previous games regen is far worse than lifesteal, which Amara and Zane have. A red fang helps his survivability dramatically but you specified least gear dependant. Moze comes in last as her only sustain comes from grenades, forcing you half way down the blue tree regardless of how you want to build. With good gear she becomes better but again gear dependant.

Recently did a few allegiance runs and Maliwan/Amara was some of the easiest times I’ve ever had in the game. Maliwan weapons are very strong if elements are matched anyway, but at level 15 you can have 3/3 Personal Space, 5/5 Anima and 5/5 Tempest. That’s stupid damage output. It’s kind of glassy, but in very most cases you’ll get a second wind in one second if you’re fine with going down sometimes (and you don’t have to play as aggressively as I did). Most of the time though everything just dies too quickly to hurt you.

What I’m trying to say, it always heavily depends on your build/loadout/play style. I don’t think there’s a wrong VH to pick.

Every run through with her for me has involved the worst experiences with bosses. I was recently working on my third Amara (Phasecast tree), and I guess grabbing some alien barrel weapons was a mistake, as I ended up completely emptying my pistol ammo pool, my SMG pool twice, and my sniper pool three times before finally killing Graveward. I was initially trying to stick with Maliwan for her, but the only basic gun of theirs I like is the Shockwave.

I got completely stuck at KG Ball with my Phasegrasp tree Amara. Had to join a friend’s game and outlevel it. And then again later at the Agonizer.

Melee Amara was the least painful of the three, but still was rough for bosses. Guardian Angel helped a lot.

Both of my Fl4ks were relatively simple and easy.

My three Mozes got a lot of co-op, so it’s hard to gauge.

And my one Zane is just… not fun to play no matter how I shuffle his skills.

At first glance, I thought “they spelt gaige wrong.” Guess I might have been playing a little too much Borderlands…

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The funny thing is, I started to spell it “gaige” and had to correct myself. :wink: