What Class You Usually Play

Okay, so on MOBAs and MMOs and such there are different classes ofc. Healer, buffer, debuffer, wave clear, carry, tank, disruptor, harasser, etc ad nauseum.
So what would you typically play? If you’ve never played a MOBA or anything close, go off of how you play other games, or what you think you’d do. Then, list the characters in the roles that Battleborn successfully flips upside down for you and you’re playing characters you’d never think of, or how they nailed it and you expected it.
I for example, love burst, aoes, and support. I now mainly play Orendi and Ambra. I still hate tanks. But I’m surprised to learn how I love Mellka

I usually tend to play more territorial / defender classes, e.g. Boldur, Ernest, Galilea, Reyna etc. Characters who can take an area of ground and hold their position, providing cover and/or support for their allies while they push. Sometimes I’ll play tank or a more attacker-ish role, but usually only when the team balance calls for it.

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I like this topic =). For most of my life I’ve enjoyed using mages. Magic users with lots of damage that probably can’t take a hit very well. This was probably the most evident when I played Ragnarok Online. My favorite class was the wizard because 1 wizard could produce giant aoe spells that did lots of damage. But this powerful mass of magic came from a character who would die in the drop of a hat. It felt awesome to use a character that was so vulnerable but delivering a lot of damage. My 2nd fav was a monk or fist user that did combos, and then support healing characters. I probably had less stress and more success using support/healing characters. Keeping the team alive is something that I am naturally adept to I think.

Battleborn definitely flips this upside down though. The only long range damage dealer I like using is Ernest. I hate most of the long range bursty characters in the game. I find them very annoying and cheap. They just sit far away and shoot and kite like punk asses and can get kills a lot easier then a melee character. Aside from Miko who I still think is a badass mushroom ““combat”” martial arts healing…person, I find melee characters to be more intriguing. I like how they are able to weave in and out of fights while doing combos. Yup this game has me choosing classes in a totally different way. Maybe it’s because it is a first person game, and my shooting aim sucks ass!


Hmm… Well I have always been pretty malleable to all the character classes in general but I suppose I have s soft spot in my heart for rogue like characters or dps ones. Second would be caster ones.

Which is probably why it’s no surprise I really liked phoebe rath and el dragon. I do like some of tankier characters a lot though. Love me some Montana. And kelvin is fun(need to make a post about him) I also like the supports but I am not the best support player without people telling me they need it

I’ve been playing support based characters for years and they are still my favorite class to play. What I really like about BB is that the healers can also dish out some damage and not just sit back and heal the entire time.


I love playing high bursting character either it being up close or from a mile away. The best thing about it is those moments when you kill a guy enough that he/she makes it his/her personal duty to murder my face. And then later on it gets to either those dicey moments where you or the other guy is at low health and the other ones chaseing ya. or it’s those moments where the person keeps comeing at me and I just destroy them until it becomes an infinite cycle of corpses of the same person.

I only play one other MOBA, that is League of Legends… I mostly play mages over there (Orianna, TF, Ahri, Lissandra etc) and sometimes high risk high reward assassin/brawler champions like Fiora (my DP pic), yasuo etc… I prefer characters that offer a lot of burst damage and are also difficult to master… When i started playing Battleborn i found Orendi to be the mage equivalent of LoL so i tried her, but i didn’t really feel at home on her… Then i picked up Phoebe and she is by most means very similar to Fiora of LoL - both are of royal bloodline, both are high risk high reward characters, both love fencing and stabbing and both are hot…!!! I love playing her and she is my second fav character in the game…

Which brings us to my most favorite character in the game - Deande… Deande is a mix of burst mage and a high risk assassin which instantly made her more likeable… she is pretty much my go to character in both PvE and PvP…

I usually play sustained (can kill more than one target) Glass Cannons who’s survivability is balanced around something in-direct (I.E. not healing), such as mobility or de-aggro mechanics to make up for their massive damage/DPS potential. Or I play Brawlers that have really good survivability and a bit above average DPS. Or as another explanation, can give back just as much damage as they take.

As I’m not having fun until I’m killing most things within fractions of a second.

Glass Cannons

  • BB - El Dragon, Marquis, Thorn
  • BL2/TPS - Zero


  • BB - Galilea, ISIC, Alani, Kleese, late game Boldur
  • BL2/TPS - Jack, Maya, Krieg, Athena

Just assume their strongest state, and that I don’t play them like they’re suppose to be played if you’re questioning something.

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I grew up with MMOs, but I never settled on a consistent class preference.

In vanilla Everquest, I preferred the Necromancer (a pet DPS class), but down the long chain of expansions, I was won over by the Paladin (a tank/hybrid healer.)

In Everquest 2, I adored the Coercer, an offensive crowd control class. But late in the game’s run, I grew to love the Beastlord, a versatile pet/melee DPS class. I also spent a lot of time with the Mystic, a melee healer-debuffer, and the Brigand, a melee DPS-debuffer.

In City of Villains, I played a fire/fire Dominator - a very offensive crowd control class - almost to the exclusion of any other class and power pool combo.

I guess the common thread is a love for ranged-melee hybrids, strong solo abilities, and crowd control or debuffing potential. There’s a lot of BB that correspond to that here, but I play Mellka, Ambra, Galilea, Shayne, and Alani mostly. (Okay… mostly just Mellka.)


I seem to have settled on support with offensive leanings (Alani, Kleese, Reyna, Kid Ultra) or Tankier characters who can play support roles (Montana, Boldur).

Give me those assists baby!

I do really want to try every character again now since I have all but 5 mastered now.

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I used to main support characters but would occasionally dapple in DPS classes too. One class I loathed though were tanks, but Battleborn has made every class a possible pick for me.

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Lately I mainly pick Ambra and Galilea, but I enjoy playing about 22 characters in this game. So if my team needs to fill a spot we lack in our team comp - I pick a character that fills that role and I’m good to go.

The only characters I can’t play are Rath, Benedict, and Montana. Everyone else is fair game (not good with Ghalt though). Possibly because their lore bores me I haven’t bothered to learn them

The only MMO I’ve really stuck with is FFXIV. I’ve always preferred being either a DPS or a healer. In terms of end game now, my highest geared is a ILVL 250 summoner. Always loved magic so the casters were right up my alley. Summoner is a damage over time based job with some pet management thrown in. I’ve also spent a lot of time with Machinist, the newest DPS introduced in Heavensward. I know the rotation perfectly but my gear is lacking. The job is very mechanical (heh) so it gets boring having to press the exact same buttons every fight, and the damage doesn’t feel as rewarding as what I can pull off with summoner. I have the highest level relic available for Machinist currently and I’m a step behind for summoner. Patch 3.45 is released soon though which adds the new step and some more content.

Battleborn though, the only class type I stay away from are tanks, I never seem to play them as well and confidently as others can, just like in FFXIV. In FFXIV, I can tank, I’m just not confident with most end game content. It’s a similar situation here, I can play them, but I feel like I could be doing much better. I’m comfortable with most attacker and support rolls. Although personally I’m not a fan of Kid Ultra. I understand he hits that spot for some supports who want something different, but he doesn’t work for my play style. My main supports are Miko, Ambra and Alani. My main attackers are Marquis, Benedict, Ghalt and Oscar Mike. For every kind of badass eh?


I play whoever has a melee weapon :slight_smile:

I like to play support but I don’t like to be the only/main source of your heals. So typically I will pick someone like Reyna, where I can give you support, but not just healing like miko.

I also love Ambra. She can heal others but take care of herself too.

When I feel like attacking I will go Deande, Melka, Caldy, or Rath.

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I always start with healers: they are usually the core of any team. My fav are healers, archers, rogues anything that can move fast and hit hard; Smart play gets a reward instead of brute force. I learn fast any job/class/build so i can play all roles.

I played
maplestory: bishop and chiefbandit
Fiesta: paladín and archer
Mabinogi: archer and mage (dosent have a class but)
Final fantasy xiv: scholar, bard, ninja
Tf2: spy, medic, engineer

I am the healer who is the guardian of the wizard and the nany of the barbarian.

Every single healer in Battleborn is amazing, i dont need to just spam my healing skills, i can get killed or set up a kill, i doy have a limited amount of mp/heals.

I love the snipers for their diff gameplay even tho they are the same sht!!

I love the stealth characters for how diff they need to get played!

I play tanks and melee’s in BB usually because I shot call.

In OW I play tanks. However, kids can’t DPS so I also from time to time play DPS.

In DOTA I play hard 1.

In League I play top lane and ADC.

In Smite I play Solo and ADC.

Gather around Children!

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I like support best also. I always feel bad when I play someone else and see people running around with low health.