What co-op game mode would keep people interested outside of PvP?

Yeah 30 people would be insanity on console, however I think a survival wave mode with increasing rewards would be amazing, 1-5 players would be fine for that. Just randomize the mobs that spawn, add some new “bosses”(strong versions of mobs or re use bosses from story)…

Definite +1 from me

My idea would be an entire twist to the campaign so there’s no way it would happen but I still figured I’d share the idea.

So for starters the majority of the game would be the same but PvE as a whole would get a major rework. The campaign would start off with you as Gault. You start off the game doin whatever Ghalts do, probably killing stuff. The game progresses by slowly adding battleborn to your team one by one.

I’m not 100% with battleborn’s lore but I believe Ghalt and Reyna were two of the first, so the campaign would progress with these two as the main focuses for the first arc, including battleborn who you pick up along the way as well.

The second arc (I’m just Rollin with arcs I dunno either) would be when Reyna “abandons” Ghalt. (I dunno the lore around how the whole situation went down so I’m not sure if abounding is the best word or not) but anyways Ghalt would deal with any trouble that comes with that and after he gets back to normal he continues onwards expanding the battleborn up until where the game ends currently.

The game would have DLC oc. The currently DLCs plus a DLC where the game follows Reyna and the rouges and well as another DLC that follows Rendain as the mc. (Gearbox might already be trying this as seen from Attikus’s coming DLC but having DLC that dives into some of the bigger character pores would be awesome. I would love to follow Galilea from the eldrid, to the jennerit, back to the eldrid, to rouge and eventually to UPR.) Also, with my idea of how you aquire characters there would have to be a DLC level per DLC character.

The missions would be divided up into sections set by missions where you are adding battleborn. If my idea was to become a reality I’m not sure if there would be any missions purely focusing on defeating or attaining something or w/e (besides gaining battleborn) if the game had a mission for every character that would be a base 24 missions (not including Ghalt unless he has an intro mission I guess) as well as a mission per character. (Now that I think about it it would only be around 20~ because of the rouges I don’t believe Ghalt has any direct interaction in attains them so that would go with Reyna’s part which maybe instead of being DLC I’m thinking would be a split in the campaign rather. I’m just spitballing as I write.

I would also have the gameplay itself change to where you always have five characters in a mission. If you’re playing solo you pick four additional characters to tag along with you. If you’re playing two player you pick three etc etc. Five player wouldn’t have AI unless they were necessary for story reasons.

One cool addition that would only work with this idea is that if you had available AI you would be able to switch to them on the fly and your character would turn into an AI. (Sorta like evolve) I think it would also be cool to switch to characters you attain mid mission. For example the Caldarius mission near the very end.

I would also like to see a somewhat expanded gear system but I’m not really sure how it would work to be honest. As far as the gear for PvP goes the current system would work although I would want the stats to be static (little less RNG).

I’m sure I left some holes and spelling/grammar mistakes but I’m just writing the idea as I’m getting home.

EDIT: Fixed some of those ^

I’d be happy with anything that allows joining a match in progress.

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More and varied story missions would help…a LOT more…

As well as most of the suggestions above.

I’d personally suggest releasing a Free SDK where fans can create and share downloadable modules.

Takes the pressure off the Devs to keep coming up with something “new” and with a community as talented and varied as the Battleborn community seems to be…I’d bet some AMAZING stuff would be created.

Which would add to the variety and replayability immensely.

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Well. Some of us quite enjoy playing the campaign over and over, actually. But variety never hurts to have. As long as I could play them solo and still reap the same rewards, these all sound great.

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Not most, actually about half.


About half of Forum members, which is a really small niche of players. Even with the small player base of BB.
Though I doubt most are playing PvP, otherwise I could find matches! Hahah.

But I’d really like an infinite horde mode, with 1 to 5 players. Maybe 6?
Not too many though, since it would be a huge hit on performance + matchmaking + there is already so much going on with 10 players on a map + you get stuck on everything and everyone.

I just want a truly powerful boss. A few of these things may not work though as the fastest characters and ones with regen will be the best (Thorn, Orendi, Miko, etc.).

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It’d be awesome to have a big team of Battleborn, 10-30, against one massive boss or trying to destroy something, like a Jennerit ship or closing a Varelsi portal, while fending off enemies as well. I like the idea of keeping it simple though, just Battleborn against a massive enemy. This would work well even as a 5 team operation, but I don’t see why it couldn’t be at least 10 since PvP supports 10.


Wave Survival!!! I still play Killing Floor 1 & 2 cause that is one mode I never tire of.

Just make it so people can join a PvE as Varelsi and Jennerit etc. Left 4 Dead 2 had a mode like that and it was a lot of fun using monsters to take down the co-op group. Role reversal and all that. This would also be a sort of hybrid PvE/PvP mode (to a degree).

Either way it’s a much more reliable info (if not proven otherwise) than someone’s opinion based only on impression and inaccurate human perception.

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That is true :stuck_out_tongue:

my idea could be a variant on incursion or meltdown, do a map(2 lane or one lane) but add more buyable minions and upgradable minion spawns(make them more expensive according to effectiveness of course) for the buyable minions it would work like mx elite bots, but you could buy things like ronin to target battleborn and that will chase them down aggressively, or bulwarks which will only walk to the mid point to improve your defenses more or improve minion spawns(for a cost per wave) to spawn extra minions or to spawn other variants like gun bots instead of blade bot or boom bots even. basically to make the fights change depending on what the people do rather than the same old same old

Kart Racing. With skills and Ultimates re-purposed to work as well.

A co-operative Incursion mode

So waves of enemies, that are targeting your sentries, so working together to defend.

Includes all the buidables, Elite bots, thralls (possibly), plus bonus add ons for the sentries like in the PVE missions

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“Catch that Pendles”

Who can find and kill pendles, you would have to choose a character other than Pendles, for when you are not pendles.

Probably needs a bit of work, in regards to locating him, maybe a new minion that you can hire that has a field of view to reveal him etc

Also possible issues with characters that can reveal him vs others that cant

Lol could you imagine using Attikus? Maybe that’s why they renoved the knock-back on Pounce and knock-up on his ult, Battlekarts is looming :smile:

You’re right. Though I’m sure that Gearbox has those stats. In the beta they could tell you crazy details like how many shots had been fired by certain characters, so I’m sure they have those stats.

My perception is that I can’t get most of my friends to play Story after one play through. Only one of my friends still even plays it and only plays PvP. These are friends that I logged hundreds of hours on Borderlands with. When I do a public PvE I never get a team of 5. I wait about as long as it takes to find 9 other players in PvP and end up in a team with one or two other players, three if I’m lucky. Literally never 4 other players though. Maybe I’m just unlucky.

If you google Battleborn then everything says that Battleborn is a flop. I think if they added more PvE modes then maybe they wouldn’t of had this huge dive of players leaving or losing interest. How many hours have been spent on Horde mode in Gears. I could log on right now and have a full team in minutes on that game. Battleborn is a way better game, in my opinion, and should of had better success than it has.

If a moderator reads this then I ask them if they can share the data of how many people play Story vs how many play PvP. I think that’d be a fun stat to see. Even more fun to see, what are the stats on which missions are played the most and which PvP maps are played the most.

Edit: I took out stats from the Beta because I looked it up and realized that they just did stats versus the 2 story missions and then the percentage of Incursion vs Meltdown. So even then they didn’t tell us which was played more.

I guess for me, I’d like it if there were short character lore missions lasting only 7-10 minutes. If you play enough games with a certain set of characters, or finish specific lore challenges for them, it unlocks a short mission that goes into detail about their history (or interaction with another Battleborn). One example could be the fight that both Galilea and Ambra had that led to her being Corrupted.

Apart from that, maybe a “March of the Sentry” type of mission where you walk a sentry through various mini-bosses. Each defeated mini-boss gives the Sentry a major upgrade. Once all mini-bosses are defeated, you fight the final boss alongside your upgraded sentry.

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