What color do you think Galilea's hair is?

I never really think about these things, but this one bugged me for some weird reason. Maybe it’s just because she’s one of the only female characters that doesn’t completely show their head. I know Orendi has the hat, but you can clearly see her hair is black.

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Plot Twist: She’s bald.


I never thought of it that way :hushed:

I´d like the Helicians to look like Asari from ME or Drenai from WOW - not totally bald, but maybe with long tentacles or tendrills, or horns/spikes accompanied by scales.

I dunno why, but the first type of hair I associate with female warriors is long black hair. So that owuld be my guess. I think it would fir Galilea too.

I hope for Black.

Like the Medusa, it is a shimmering halo of deepest black Corruption … Wait! What was I drinking las night? :smile:

Just look at the color of her eyebrows, that will tell you her hair color

She might dye her hair, though black is probably the most likely color.

I also like to think she keeps her head shaved!


Think Trump.

… Okay I am backing away slowly now.

I assume white

White would be amazing. And she´s already called a Wraith anyway, would fit great.

She’s the same race as Alani (blue skin blue hair) so maybe when she got all purply it changed her hair purple or black

Mhh I´m not through with Al´s lore, but is´nt she from Akopos while Gal is a Helician? O.O I now soething links Gal + Alani, but I´m not sure they´re from the same race.
The Jennerit invaded Akopos without knowing of Alanis race, while Gals race (Helicians) is known and favoured by the Jennerit for their long natural lifespan.

I´m confused and need more lore! :smile:

Well the challenge is called Helecian Hellcats (or somethin similar lol)

“Helician Hellraisers”, indeed. I´m not through it yet, but very curious to read it. Someday ToT

Mmmm less reading more listening it’s an audio one, but it’s another one of those that makes ya go I WANT MOAAAAR

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