What color is claptrap?

I only did play the original and now collect claptrap figures and items but I see 2 different shades/colors of the Hyperion scheme. Is there 2 different claptrap across the series or are some of the figures and memorabilia just off in color? I’m used to him being towards orange ingame, but some of the hyperion weapons are yellow and some are that orange color depending on rarity.

I hink its just a difference in the appearance of the same orange, seen in different colored light.
For example: In cold neonlight it looks rather dull, more beige. In sunlight its clear orange and a darker hue when theres sundawn, dusk or fire.

Also in BL there are many different colored ClapTrap-units, from green to brown, green, ect. As far as I know theres no rarity-connection.

Thank you .
I assume with claptrap being Hyperion, his color is supposed to match but matter of which one?
He does look a little different in lighting situations but I am familiar ingame with more towards an orange.
This gets me confused when I see the pop funko figure I have and it is definitely yellow. What makes it worse for me is the hyperion weapons ingame use both colors from what I recall depending on rarity. The pic below will give better idea on why I ask. I’m used to claptrap being the shade on far right, it seems to be a different color to me rather than different due to lighting

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