What Combination of Rarity Gear do you use in Story Mode?

I usually use a Legendary and 2 Epics. What about you guys? Feel free to share your own combinations.

Until recently, most of my characters had

  1. A white 0-cost shard generator,
  2. Their class legendary,
  3. Either a legendary or epic.

Now it’s all white 0-cost stuff. nothing else.

I generally like to get my Shard generation going right away so having a zero cost Shard Gain item is always high on my list. After that I generally pick the other slots based on play style and/or character type but lately I’ve just been lazy and am using the same loadout for everything. +Skill Damage (Purple), +Shard Gain (White) and +HealthRegen (Blue).

I’m also waiting for certain legendaries/epics to drop so I can build an OP Critical build to try and max out my high score threshold.

Typically 1x Orange and 2x Epic/Blue/Green

A few specific builds run 2x Orange and 1x Epic/Blue/Green or 1x Orange, 1x Green, 1x White 0 cost.

I generally only run one set of gear for my characters for both pvp and pve, so nothing pve specific. I don’t use many legendaries though, as most are junky butts in my experience. Extra health and health regen for eldrid, attack speed and reload speed for shooter’s, skill damage and cooldown reduction for ability spammers (Alani, Orendi).

I find the secondary stats to make the biggest impact on my choices though. If I’ve got an epic recoil reduction at 21% and an uncommon recoil reduction at 17%, I’d prefer to use whichever one has the more useful secondary stat.

For story mode i play with 3 friends + one random and we usually all play with 3 legendaries (same for pvp, the key is to always steal enemies shards)

I am apparently in the minority here. I like to play with three Greens that have overlapping secondary conditions. I get more effects for my buck, and have lots of shards left over for Buildables. (Which is great on any mission other than Algorythm…)

Melee Character Example (Usually Rath or Galilea):
Green Gauntlet +Attack Power %, +Attack Speed % on a melee hit.
Green Signet (?) +Skill Damage %, +Attack Speed % on a melee hit.
Green Energy Drink +Sprint Speed, +Move Speed % on a Melee Hit

Ranged Character Example (Usually Ghalt, Oscar Mike, or Benedict):
Green Magazine +Reload %, and + Health Regeneration under 50%
Green Shoulder Stock +Recoil Reduction %, and + Health Regeneration under 50%
Green Syringe +Health Regeneration, +Reload Speed % within 5 Seconds of Reload.

All Common Gear, typically 420 Shards per item.

Oscar Mike and Benedict:
Reload Speed +21%
Health regen: 7% per second (apparently)
Shield Capacity +140

Whiskey Foxtrot and Caldarius:
Attack Damage +9.80%
Health regen: 7% per second (apparently)
Shield Capacity +140

Depends on 2 factors what character what mission type.

  1. Mission has lots of buildables then
    0 cost shard gen/0 cost build reduction/class leg
    Mission doesn’t have buildables then
    Max Deeps
  2. Character I play I typically last pick to even out some team.
    Support Non Heals 0 cost shard/0 cost build/purple with cds reduction and 14% build reduction
    Support Heals Heal Power/Legendary that boosts dps of healed target forgot name/ 0 cost gen
    Dps typically AS/AD/CD reduct

Always a HealthRegen Green. I can’t seem to ever get better.

And then it depends on the level or the characters.

On Saboreur I like to bring the Shard generator at 0 cost and -3% cooldown.

Else I have a purple Recoil/Reload gear for shooter, blue attack speed or damage for melee, a purple shield delay + cooldown reduction, or a purple max shield + attack speed.

I ussually go for a grey/green +blue+purple/legendary.
My healer kit has two legendaries, though, but getting both of them in the same mission depends a lot of the shards myself (which is easier than it sounds. You’d be surprised of all the people that don’t pick them up).
And then for missions that rely on turrets I have a 0-cost shard generator kit with a cost reducer legendary that gives the turrets a chance to deal critical damage.

Sadly, there aren’t enough loadouts to allow us to make one per character, but I’d have one for Boldur and Kleese if that was the case. I’m use them a lot.

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