What could be the cause of this problem? (Texture issue)

As you can see there are some major pixelation issues along the grid lines of the ship. The further out you zoom, the worse it gets. However when zoomed up close everything is fine. I have narrowed the problem down to the normal maps, because when i remove them the issue goes away.

It cant be a resolution issue. The resolution for all of the texture maps (there are 4 of them) are 2048x2048. All the related spec, refl, glow, normal maps, etc are the same resolution. The original master textures are 4096x4096, and when i used them NO CHANGE! The same issue appears.

Could it be a mip map issue? I know the textures are converted to DDS in Hoder. Converting to DDS is known to create artifacts.

Any thoughts from people with a little more texture experience than i have? or devs?

Could it be a vid card rendering issue? Have you tried it on another PC? Give it to Nate and see if he gets the same results on his PC.

Very unlikely, but check if the texture quality is set to 9 and the texture size limit to 8192.

Are you using custom shaders?

Nate does have the same issue AFAIK. Not just on this ship. Several others have similar problem.

All of my HWRM settings are Maximum, but ill play around with them (and settings like FSAA and filtering in radeon settings) and see what difference it makes. My system specs are AMD FX-8320 8 core 3.5 gig CPU, Radeon R9 380 4 gig video card. 24 gigs ram. Win10, all drivers, and DX up to date.

When rendered In 3dsmax this issue does not appear. I use only TGA format textures to prevent quality loss. However in HWRM, and other game engines like NanoFX this issue appears.

The only custom shader AFAIK is for the texture animations (bussard collectors). The rest of model uses the “ship” shader.

Stupid Question. Does the texture require an Alpha channel even if it is not needed? Specifically the normal map?

On another model i am building the issue is even worse. Especially where the light source reflects. Ignore the un-uvmapped areas

The textures are all TGA format at 4096x4096 resolution.

Using the Photoshop Nvidia DDS tools what are the optimal setting for creating a Normal map from a Bump map? I am wondering if the normal map detail is just “too fine”, and the game engines have a hard time rendering fine details.

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I’m looking at it closer and… If I didn’t know better I’d say the normal map was borked somehow…
I’d lose the normal map. I don’t think you need it. The details you’re trying to reproduce aren’t pronounced enough to worry about. On the original model those details aren’t noticeable. Also the rounded surface is very hard to deal with anyway. If you want to show the different panels subtly then try using a different layer. For instance, you can define panels using a specular map…

[edit] Changing the size of the original maps will also cause artifacts. I’ve found that using one size and not switching works better.

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You’re right. The normal maps were borked, and my theory was also right about the problem with rendering fine details. The more i lightened raised areas and darkened recessed areas the clearer the normal maps became (and most, but not all of the artifacts disappeared). I will have to rethink my approach on the normal maps.

I still think this is a good topic to research. I am pretty sure that i am not the only one with normal map issues.

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I’ve run into problems when trying to use normal maps on too fine of details. They don’t seem to work as intended. I’ve switched to using either REFL, SPEC, or PAIN (PAIN would be my first choice) for your panels; varying the effect between panels. Each one produces a slightly different intensity. You might be surprised at how good one of these will work to highlight differences in panels. It’s basically the same technique that was used on the original TMP model. They varied the hue from panel to panel so when the light hit them there was a very subtle difference. Very cool.

It may take some experimenting to find which one will do what you want…

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I don’t really see anything… The slight bleed of the windows and features is probably from resizing the map. That’s a very close up pic.

The bleed on the lit areas is actually bloom :wink:

well, it looks hideous. All those small specks of light look like tiny portals…