What counts as CC?

So in terms of CC reduction gear, what does it actually reduce? Obviously universal things like slows, stuns, etc, but what about character specific debuts?

Poison effects like mellka’s or Miko’s?

Reyna’s priority target?

Montana or ghalts fire effects?

Any more that I’ve missed?

Obviously CC reduction gear isn’t super viable, but for pendles’ sake I think it would help knowing what is and isn’t effected

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None of this is tested, but from what I’ve heard, all…

  • Stuns
  • Binds
  • Pulls
  • Knock ups
  • Knock backs
  • Silences
  • Blinds
  • Slows
  • Pushes (Although based on how they are treated in PvE/with Ghalt’s “Can’t Touch This”, maybe CC reduction/immunity doesn’t effect them.)
  • Non-silence Pulls (Toby, but they may or may not be treated just like pushes. Just an educated guess.)
  • Wounds
  • Weakens
  • Reveals
  • Pings (Player call outs)
  • Bleeds/DoTs that are applied to a target
  • Priority Target
  • Hawkeye
  • (Maybe) Applied damage amps like Ambra’s, Boldur’s, Ghalt’s, El Dragon’s, etc…

are considered CC. And is probably the main reason CC reduction gear has such a low percentage reduction, because it effects a looot of stuff.

EDIT: Maybe shield recharge prevention legendaries too.


Can confirm that, it reduce all of em.

The deal is: they are to short and doesnt help at all when they can get applied over and over.


I think -33% CC reduction for cc gear would be nice.

You could get 33%+ on Pendles easy enough. He needs it more than most too.
It’s hard to justify using over other options on most characters.

Pendles can exceed 100% cc reduction. However, this creates a glitch where the CC will have a permanent effect on him.


I’ve heard that some passive skills are affected by skill damage gear. Deandes for example. Is this true for Pendles?

No. You just stack CC reduction gear with his level 9 helix. You actually only need two pieces of -CC gear to do it.

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I actually just tried this. Orendi blinded me until she killed me like 10 seconds later


I had no idea Hawkeye was a CC effect. I always thought CC was only silences, slows, stun and blind. Obviously Battleborn is my first MOBA-type game.

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Acctually I’m still probably better at that even I don’t use it.