What counts as "Normal Bullets" in the case of Mayhem mode?

Just as the title asks. I am assuming that most guns from Vladof, Dahl, and Jackobs use “normal bullets” while Torgue weapons with sticky bullets do not. I’m not sure about Maliwan, particularly if the gun deals splash damage. Are there any rules of thumb to go by, and are there any notable examples of what are “normal bullets” and what are not?

Normal bullets means none elemental

What about Torgue gyrojet bullets? They are explosive, but not necessarily elemental either.

If it’s Incendiary/Shock/Cryogenic/Radiation/Corrosive- Then it is elemental, if not then it is “Normal”.

At the risk of sounding like a dick, I am assuming one of those “corrosives” is actually “cryogenic,” right?


Yes my bad I’ll edit it. I was typing going I’m forgetting one, everyone forgets corrosive that must be it. lol

If it applies a dot, it’s elemental. Everything else counts as normal damage. Explosive is normal damage with AoE.

In Borderlands 3 “explosives” isnt an element anymore but counts as regular bullets so Torgue gyro jet projectiles are affected by “normal bullet” modifiers. As are most Atlas and jakobs weapons.

Maliwan deals splash emelental damage so not that one.

So just to be clear, something like the devastator or the ogre would count as normal bullet damage right

The real question, I’d like clarification on is if the splash damage of a normal explosive weapon is modified by the normal bullets modifier and not just direct hits. Its not a bullet anyone once it has exploded you would think. Same thing with Tedicore MIRVs, do the reloads count as gun damage? Or if they count as grenades at that point do they get grenade Mayhem modifier bonuses?


Not all elemental weapons apply a DOT but they’re still elemental.

Normal bullets I assumed would mean non elemental. However the modifier doesn’t feel like it has much effect on the Flakker which basically fires a cone of explosions. Then again the only character I’ve really used the Flakker on is Moze which tosses incendiary damage into it and it may just do too much damage from overlapping explosions to really make the damage drop impactful on anything outside of a boss.

I hope posting here after 2 months doesn’t count as necroing this thread, but no-one mentioned the specific phrasing of this mayhem mod as “normal bullet damage”.
I’ve been wondering since i started playing M3 if this mod really buffs all normal (non-elemental) damage from weapons, including grenades and rocket launchers, and perhaps also iron bear’s missile launcher and grenade launcher. Maybe even the normal damage from melee attacks.

Has anyone tested this mod or otherwise knows for sure if it is really just regular bullets, or if it is phrased inaccurately and is in fact a buff to all normal (non-elemental) damage?

I had the chance to answer my own question today, for anyone wondering about that mayhem mod.
+45% normal bullet damage, with no other mods that affected grenades, boosted my Nagata grenades by exactly that amount compared to their damage against the cardboard Jack in Sanctuary.
So +45% normal bullet damage seems to increase all normal (non-elemental) damage, even if it’s not a bullet.

I was sure this was the case anyway; although i havnt had any mayhem modifiers apply while in sanctuary…

Yep, works for FL4K’s pets too. More than likely works for Zane’s clone and Sentinel as well.

Yep. As far as I ever tested it’s just a non-elemental version of elemental damage buff - it just buffs all physical damage no matter the source at the same place in all calculations as Elemental damage buffs work.

Most of the other modifiers are nice and clear, but there is really no need for that mod to include the word bullet.
The “skill damage and cooldown rate” mod could also be misinterpreted. I assume it is specifically for action skills only, but “action skill” is not actually mentioned in it’s description. I know Fl4k and Amara have capstone skills which include a cooldown.
Slightly irksome tbh…Some mods could be phrased more clearly.

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I assume Torgue managed to convince the developers in the second game that explosives were an element, so it was considered as such back then. However, when 3 was coming, someone argued that explosives weren’t actually an element, but Torgue demanded we have an element that still caused explosions. Hence, the idea for Radiation.

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