What counts as "Splash Damage"?

Hey, I’m leveling Moze atm and was wondering which weapons/effects can
actually trigger Means Of Destruction?
Not every Weapon with splash radius deals splash damage right?
Since Maliwan splash doesn’t seem to work.

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I think anything that shoots an orb – like the Kill o’ the Wisp and the Westergun (standard fire) and ASMD and Faiser (alt fire) – counts as splash damage. If you have Torge Cross-promotion, you will see it proc.

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interesting, I’m using this with 5/3 Means Of Destruction and 6/5 Torgue Cross):
(it’s similar to the westerguns firemode)

What about the Hornet or the Hellfire? those are Dahl/Maliwan, but offer high firerate & splash.


Best idea I have is to try “fire in the skag den” and see what procs fire damage and what doesn’t. :slight_smile:


Yea, I shoot the ground instead to see if I regenerate grenades by selfharm :woozy_face:
Thought there is a “rule of thumb” when it comes to weapons.
So far only torgue sticky worked for me.


Those two weapons you’ve mentioned do interact with any skills that modify splash damage.

I’ll be doing extensive testing on Moze/splash as soon as I have more time. I haven’t had a lot of time to dig in and play hard since release but I’m gonna try to get a few days off this coming week.

So far I noticed that all Torgue weapons proc(sticky and impact mode). Most Maliwan weapons seem to proc(I haven’t tried snipers yet). I also had a Vladof pistol that did radiation damage and it seemed to proc her splash skills.

Also, Iron Bears grenade weapon hardpoints proc her grenade regen. Will need to test if IB grenades work with the other Demo skills though.

I hope it’s more uniform than Borderlands 2. Borderlands 2 formulas are super inconsistent and confusing to study and often went in a ‘per weapon’ basis as opposed to a weapon type.

Anyways, thanks for reporting and let’s continue to update this for the Moze Boomboom fans.

Hmm, I was playing in offline mode yesterday, sharing the internet connection with my neighbours is tricky sometimes^^ Without the Capstone I could not trigger grenade regen with Impact Mode torgue or Maliwan Splash. But maybe some hotfix didn’t apply to my session…

Just got an early Hornet and playing “online” again. Hornet seems to trigger grenade regen reliably.

Maybe it’s possible that Iron Bears singularity grenade was somehow procing Means of Destruction? I’m gonna have to do a lot more testing to be sure.

I just sat down to play a bit. I’ll try to report back anything I discover later.

Okay so I got a pretty good bit of playtime last night. I was able to test a few things.

Torgue weapons definitely are able to proc her skills(both impact and sticky modes). So far every Maliwan weapon I’ve found does as well.

Additionally, Iron Bears Grenade attacks and explosive mini fun attacks can trigger her skills as well.

Tonight, I will try to test a few other things.

I’m just super excited that all Torgue weapons(both modes) can regen grenades and proc her skills!

I’ve been keeping track as I made it to lvl 50 and I can confirm that all Torgue weapons proc the skills. I know the Maliwan shotguns, smgs, and pistols can proc, but unsure about snipers.

My big question is what about the special kind of projectiles, specifically the Binary Cutsman. This thing absolutely wrecks anything flesh. I want to say it’s not considered splash, but then does it benefit from being a normal bullet for Mayhem modifiers?

Did you test with or without the 20% splash damage chance from capstone?

Good catch. I’ll double check without capstone in a little bit.

Some Maliwan weapons don’t do Splash damage now. For Maliwan SMGs I believe they are called Nebula. The same goes for the other 3 Maliwan gun types. I believe they each have one gun classification that uses Splash damage projectiles.

Normal equals kintetic damage, not the “bullet type”. Every weapon without an element is considered “normal”.

I ended up running a kinetic Flakker & 3 different elemental Lasersploders (fire/ele/corrosive). Would be interesting to know if Hellfire works tho, got a high firerate, which could be nice for proccing.

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I tested without the splash on gundamage capstone. For sure. I’m only level 22 so I dont even have access to it yet.


Butt slams. Proc. Means. And…FitSD. Hahahaha. Skywell is hilarious

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The Storm Sniper Rifle…does not? Count as Splash. It hasn’t given me any grenades and I don’t see the splash doing fire damage…but I have…all the other fire damage skills…so…it’s hard to tell.

BUT IT DOES DO WORK. HAHAHAH. Level 19 running a level 19 Athenas with a torgue armegeddon grenade. Melee. And the storm. All I used. Died once. And that was my fault. Lol.

I am really confused by the Splash Damage mechanic. There are also items which give + “area of effect” dmg, is that the same? Then how do I know a weapon does splash damage? Does every splash damage weapon have splash radius on it or is that an extra bonus? I am using a cryo Faisor with Moze right now and I get ammp back from it ( https://borderlands.fandom.com/wiki/Faisor ) so it counts as splash I guess?