What counts the most for our Marketplace coins?


Any idea how we add to our total coins?

I know we can sell items, do that every game, have 78,000 coins and throw them at faction packs a lot.

Are you asking how to earn more currency? Or what to spend them on?

Yes, the method that actually builds the amount of coins we have in the game.
So if I have 78,000 coins, how were they earned other than selling junk?

Completing Story missions and participating in PVP matches earns you currency as well as completing challenges.

…Thx, must be a lot of story missions because I don’t PvP :smile:

…Played a private Coldsnap match, won it, got 194 coins.
…Gold on The Void’s Edge got 393.

Pretty sure they’re amongst the items that come from chests and breakables throughout the game (“credits”).

…Maybe (insert Mr. Torque voice here)
…we’ll get some notes from Gearbox soon. :slight_smile:

Well you get bonus credits when finishing a campaign mission, but you also get credits during the mission from kills, chests, challenges, etc. I’m quite sure it’s way more than ~400. Also, you will find a lot of items to sell, which means even more credits.

I’m really not sure why you’d want clarifications from GBX, it seems pretty clear to me :slight_smile:

…You really find that clear?
So in an advanced story mission there are credits for kills?
And if so, Advanced has a higher rate?
Seems rather fuzzy :smile:

Well credits are a collectible so they are pretty visible really. Mini-boss and boss always drop credits, you find some in chests, challenges give you bonus xp and credits, etc etc. I mean it’s not rocket science, you literally get them off the ground during a mission :slight_smile:

edit : don’t know about more credits in advanced though - I mostly stick to normal solo to try and farm “in peace”. I actually don’t think there could be more credits in advanced, though I could very well be very wrong on that aspect of the game!

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Appreciate your input, I’m going to run some tests the next few days, already making notes.