What damage am I looking for on a level 72 Love Thumper?

Just hit level 72 with Zer0, so I am going to finally farm a good version of the Love Thumper to play around with. I know the max roid damage is around 580k, but realistically what level of damage do you guys feel is “good enough” when farming for this shield?

Side note: I really hope they make all items infinitely farmable in BL3. No more items that you can only get once per playthrough please!

I remembered Joltzdude was farming for a 72 LT for a long time during the hunt 2019 for the Peak climb. I checked back at that video. He passed one that had 440k but wasn’t inflammable and hours later finally got a fire resisting one at 400k, took that and climbed like 5 or 6 OP levels of Peak with that thing.

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@paulothead - do you have your max stat spreadsheet handy?

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Here’s the shield one


Best book mark ever. @Piemanlee linked to the shield one, but this post has the max stats by part variation for pretty much every piece of red text gear in the game.

@Jefe, @Lammas, How would you answer op’s question?

I suppose the best way to answer would be parts based, but I’ve never played melee Zer0 and therefore don’t really know what’s most desirable. Would the “best” be determined solely by highest possible roid damage in this case given the abnormally long recharge delay that comes stock from the factory?


It’s 72, so it’s less important (than OP8) to get max stats. I’d be happy with 65%+ max stats. So according to the list, that would be 375K+.


I already did? Circa 400k with inflammable if it’s for Peak climbing. I haven’t done LT climbing myself so I’m basing it off how effective I saw it being on other players footage. If the plan is to stay on 72 then you shouldn’t need that much considering the 400k still did away with enemies on OP4.

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Yeah, I’m apparently not paying close enough attention these days. Don’t drink and forum, people. :smirk: Apologies for the unnecessary ping, but thank you for not beating me up too badly over it.

I farmed this one and cleared up to OP8.

Around 400K roid dmg

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