What day or update , is it, when we time to , for people to update there modems?

One day in the future we get good speeds and some severs stuff. That helps. and time in the days . The future of online consolses can prove to the isp’s it real . OOPS . there no traces ,pings , or junk outdated modems or routers, .on the the consoles so, unable to prove to the isp’s . the junk there doing .

So what and when do we need to start calling the isp’s out (modems routers and junk), and the game proving the junk and not on the game side.

I’d like to say I know what the hell you are on about, but that would be a lie. One of the most random posts on here.


Know it the , outdated stuff on the ps4 in game chats 90% outdated modems, and in game is outdated routers, and if got old school router modem combo from those .

instead them wasting time to fix it connections, stuff. 90% time outdated modem or router, and most isp got tired sending people out to homes to fixes the connection unless prove it .

Are the problems with Borderlands a Gearbox, ISP, or home modem/router problem. Or he got some really good weed, not sure yet.


Sh*t a Psycho have figured out the internets :open_mouth:

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