What day should I be receiving my Diamond Loot Chest Edition?

After waiting forever for 2K Games to restock their Diamond Chest Edition for PC I finally pre-ordered BL3. My question now is, will I get it in the mail on launch day or will I have to wait a few days for it to arrive? It all really depends on what day they decide to ship the games (I work in the shipping business) so I’m curious to know if they have already sent out the copies with instructions to hold delivery until a certain date (launch date 9/13/2019).

I just got an email that my CE left the shop. Normally, it takes max 2 days to arrive. So if i am lucky, i have it on thursday

I’m still interested in an answer.

Desperate Bump! Save my sanity!

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I was in the first round of pre-orders. Got my shipping notice on the 10 with an estimated delivery of the 11th. then UPS said that wasn’t going to happen and to check back for more info. Still nothing and the tracking # says it hasn’t left the shop yet. and THEN the temp authorization on my credit card disappeared but it didn’t roll into posted charges…
And from what I’m hearing from others, it’s not even going to ship until the 13th. so maybe get it Sat or Sunday maybe (the UPS said next day air)? Or later if it’s ground shipping.
so…I have no idea when people are gonna get the CE…
At this point, I’m just hoping I actually get it at all…but thinking of canceling it because of this crap and just getting a digital code so i can actually load it tonight.

The answer is you are definitely not getting it on launch day. I ordered mine in April and I’m not getting it on launch day because 2K is incompetent. They didn’t start processing the orders until last thursday and my tracking has been in “label created” for UPS since Tuesday. Additionally, you are getting an Epic Game Store key in the box and no they can’t and won’t email you that key. There are several other conversations going on this forum and the 2K forum discussing how 2K has dropped the ball.

I went ahead and bought the super deluxe edition on Epic games and i’m probably going to ask for a refund for the collectors edition. Game launches in 10 minutes…good luck.

What is the return policy?

Seriously disappointing. I’ll be glad when I get my order but this should have been better thought out way before they even considered “shipping” a physical edition. Strike 1 Gearbox…

Edit: So, I might have to take back my criticism only moment after writing it. I just investigated into my order confirmation email and on the 2K website I was able to see my UPS tracking number (that I should’ve gotten and additional email for, but didn’t), and it says that I will be receiving my package at around 10:30 am. I’m not sure how things are going for people who ordered from elsewhere, but I’m starting to think that maybe there was some thought put into the pre-order shipping. There’s nothing to confirm anything, and I feel a little bit more positive but I think it’s still safe for us to remain skeptical. In other words, let’s let Gearbox remain innocent until we can prove them guilty. Good luck!

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At 10:43 pm, nearly 6 hours after the game launched, UPS finally updated and is now saying it will arrive tomorrow morning by 10:30 am (fat chance of that happening). So, 2K or Digital River, stuck a label on the box and let it sit on a shelf for 2 days before actually getting it to UPS. They said it’s not guaranteed to arrive by launch but as a consumer we should be able to expect that they made every effort to make it happen. Dragging their feet for over a week and letting the box sit on a shelf is not “best efforts”.

So I’ve now purchased the game twice so that I could play at launch because I had a crew waiting for me to play and I scheduled off work. I have a friend who may be interested in buying the key so I might go that route, but otherwise I’m probably going to go for a refund. Or maybe I’ll be like these other jerks and try to sell it on ebay for $400 haha.

All around disappointing and frustrating. I’ve had a ton of fun playing the game tonight so that’s at least a silver lining. Too bad I had to buy the game twice to make that happen. No point in dwelling on it anymore because 2K couldn’t give a rip.

Hope you get lucky and the game actually shows up for you tomorrow.

I was telling my friend last night because it’s 2K, it’s going to be “perfectly annoying” and actually get delivered in the morning. What do you know, at 5:42 am it’s labeled as “out for delivery”. I’ve come to appreciate the word flabbergasted…and the twitch that has developed in my right eye…oh and the bulging vein in my forehead.

Hopefully you’re “perfectly annoyed” and get some, we’ll call it good, news this morning.

Ours shipped yesterday as well and originally said it would be here this morning at 10:30am…but I just checked the tracking and now it says Monday. Ha.

We also ended up just buying the digital copy from the XB store yesterday so we could actually play. We’ll sell the disc when it gets here.

It has officially and actually arrived. It’s sad. I would’ve been super excited and tearing into the box before, but now I’ve already got 9 hours played and the Collector’s Edition really has been soured for me.

Sorry, to hear yours is for Monday. I fully expected that to be the case for me as well, but as I said…perfectly annoying.

I confess I’m starting to be a little glad I didn’t buy one when the second batch finally restocked a couple of days ago. I just… kind of feel like this game is a step back in a couple of ways, it reminds me a lot of Halo and feels like the charm/quirkiness I’ve always loved has been traded for razzle-dazzle. Don’t get me wrong, I played it for four hours last night after the download but… just feels like it’s gone mass market and things are not the same. YMMV.