What Determines Which Story Op Version You Get?

I’ve completed both Story Ops multiple times now with different characters, most recently with Ghalt.

  • I ran TFR twice with Ghalt, but got the first version of the story (including finding Toby at the end) both times. This despite having played more than 10 times prior to this, and gone through all 10 versions of the story.
  • I then ran ATR once with Ghalt (first time with this character), getting the Ambra/Deande/OM version (the final one?)

On all three occasions I started with 50 ops points, so obviously that’s not the deciding factor in which story version you get. Any idea what does? It seems odd getting the first version twice in a row with the same character.

I’ve done each dlc with every character, four times now.
My take on this is, just random.

I will defer to your obsessive-compulsive dedication on this!

Are the legendaries (Arcship Raiders Wrench etc) also random drops each time, or do you also have to hit a certain number of ops points?

Random, I have completed it 10 Ops points and 100 Ops points and received the boss legendaries.

Random, like everyone else says. I usually just quit and try again. So far, I’ve got four versions I never saw before, but have yet to actually reach the end version where you meet Lorrian?

Odd. The first time I played both SOs, I got the versions in sequence unless I was playing with someone who hadn’t got as far as me. It was only after I’d heard all 10 versions that I noticed anything different.

same, to me it seemed like TFR was in a sequence of learning what you are doing there, learning about the main boss and then learning about the Lorians a bit. I played 10 solo to start and when I finally went on to public it gave me the first story in the series and nova told me I had 5 ops points when I clearly had 50. I was also with a lower leveled player (rank 62) so I assumed they had never played before which is why I heard the first story sequence and was told I had 5 ops points.

The order will always be the usual
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
After that, it becomes completely random. If you’ve played it over ten times, it’s now random


I swear you have brains in yur head. (Ode to Dr Seuss)

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Just a quick follow-up: tackling FTR for the 15th or so time, solo.

Nova: "Since this is your third time, you start with 10 Ops Points"
Me: glances up top of the screen where it clearly says 50 Ops Point. “Uh…”

Yup, that just happened.

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Friendship Toby’s Raid

And yeah, that happens to me often. It’s kinda funny

I think that’s because Nova’s monologue is just attached to the version you’re about to run.

Does the game start over in order if you reset you’re Ops points? I’d like to re-run them in order to hear the story properly again after I’ve collected all the skins.

@VaultHunter101 @epicender584 @Genericktag Nova unfortunately only has a limited set of dialogue that was probably recorded under the assumption you’d complete the Operation Chapters in order and then stop playing (crazy right?). Hopefully with future Operations, they will write her dialogue so it changes based on the number of times you have played the Operation overall rather than what chapter you are being loaded into.

Instead of “Hey this is your third playthrough…” on your 15th run, it could be something like, "I’ve lost count how many times you’ve played this Operation. Since you clearly like to do the same thing over and over again, I’ve even loaded up [intensional robotic insert of chapter number because Nova is mocking the player] again for you. Hooray!"

@Jythri I hope you are paying attention :wink:


Works for me!

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This is indeed something I wanted for our operations, and would consider it for future operations.