What did Gearbox do to us? HELP

Need help here guys, been playing this game since release. Had all the OP8 gear. Cant think of anything I didn’t have. Spent 100s of hours collecting it all. Then gearbox releases this new DLC and I start playing at level 70 with my OP8 gear to make the level up go quickly to 80. And then when I hit level 76 I realize that gearbox screwed me. All my gear is now OP1. THIS IS A RIPOFF. Someone said I can get to OP 10 and then my gear will all go back to OP8. IS THIS TRUE?
IS THERE ANYONE who can help me level to OP10, Trade gear. If I lost all my OP8 gear after all the hours it took to get it, no way will I buy gearbox games again - Who can help me level? On xbox look for xCaliburxxx

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Old op8 gears is now level 80 gears. Sadly we need to farm another set if new op gears if we will run the peak.

That’s ridiculous. SO BASICALLY Gearbox stole 100s of hours of my time. Had me farm for weeks, no months for nothing. All my OP8 gear should still say OP8 on it. It shouldn’t have dropped to worthless OP1 gear just because I leveled to 80. They should have made it clear that was going to happen and I an thousands more would not have bought the DLC. I will never but another gearbox game ever. There is no good reason to have had my OP8 gear turn into OP1 gear. It is just spiteful

I understand that You’re angry but no one told You to farm that gear. It was Your decision. I also had lots of op8 gear on my Zer0 and Maya and had to farm those again because I WANTED to. No one is forcing You to play the peek or gain those OP levels. Let’s remember, that games has been made to bring happines for us, to drop the bad emotions from our lifes, not to make us angry.
Hope You have a good day.

Lol, Whst…The whole point of the last DLC and the OP levels was to get us to spend money and play the game. to come back to the game. Your statement is ludicrous, they made me farm the gear when they sold me the DLC, and now the sold me another DLC that made the OP DLC worthless without any warning. BY MY COUNT GEARBOX OWES ME A COMPLETE REFUND ON BOTH DLCs. Ruined my gaming experience

FfS dlc was free for a month, If you bought it later you should already know how the new levels works.

Not everyone played it free, it doesn’t make up for the fact they purposely for no good reason made my OP8 gear turn into OP1 gear. Made it worthless. After the first game came out and I had all the gear I farmed at level 60. They released new DLCs to get us to level 70, so I had to farm new gear again. That was expected. However my level 60 gear didn’t turn into level n.v 60 gear. I still had my gear. THERE IS NOT ONE LEGITIMATE REASON to have had my OP8 gear reverted to OP1 gear. It is now worthless and makes it impossible to play on highest difficulty now. THEY DID NOT MAKE THIS CLEAR when they released the DLC

Op8 gear was and still is lv.80 gear (72 normal levels + 8 of OP =80) So if they raised lvl cap to 80 then ALL gear that was OP8 turns into lvl 80 gear. Is this so hard to understand?

Doesn’t add up, the gear gets destroyed in digital peak. doesn’t hold up. It is like throwing rocks at tanks. So somewhere along that system you’re speaking of, they messed it all up. I should still have my OP8 gear while attempting to get to OP 10. If I wanted leveln80 gear I would have just played vanilla borderlands and farmed level 80 gear

Then You don’t understand. Op8 gear ALWAYS was lv.80 gear. When they simply raised the level cap to 80 OP8 in name has been changing to OP7, OP6 etc. Whenever You level up beyond Lv.72. They stats are the same, NOTHING has changed other than name from op8 to lv.80.

Old OP8 = new OP0

Old OP4 = new level 76 (not even max level cap yet)

But the health/damage/resistance follows the same scaling rules as previously. So you’ll have to recalibrate your expectations for what it takes to get through the peak to the new cap (OP10).

i think borderlands is about the loot and not general happiness
Edit: making thousand of hours worthless makes no one happy.

Well, sad You feel that way but lets be honest, if there isn’t something new to do people gets bored.
Not everyone of course.