What did the 1 GB patch today do?

I must know plz tell me k thx.

I’d love to know as well. Hopefully we’ll see the patch notes soon.

There’s a 1GB patch today for the console versions?

Hopefully some much needed Fixes, Lore changes and everything else people have been asking for,

Not more MT things or ninja nerfs.

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It is probably some more MT’s in order to make sure the game is good and dead.


Before talk about if there are new things you need to enter the game and check it.

About the patch, seems like they don’t add nothing to the game, no new map, no new game mode and no new MTs.

Just had a quick look at several character lore challenges, and pretty sure none of them have changed. Certainly, the one begging to be changed is Toby’s Killing on Rails challenge and that is still at 10 double kills, with an Ultimate which is extremely UP.

Marketplace and gear don’t look any different either.

I didn’t know there was an update today I’ve been playing for the last three hours and nothing

Seems like the update is only on PC because people that play on consoles says that there isn’t any update.

Maybe trying to work on some of the matchmaking problems on PC or trying to optimize it a little better…im on console so I dont know. Does anybody notice a difference

Yeah I had the same thing on steam there, 1.2gb patch started coming down, no idea what it’s for. Perhaps it’s Pendles? Maybe they’re getting ready for another early access week for season pass holders.

There aren’t any patch notes. This may be the old patch redistributed by accident. I hope it isn’t because I metered Internet. :dukerage:

@ Gearbox, do not update a game without first releasing patchnotes. It’s just bad form


Why did you waste 1 GB of my SSD space?

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Reddit got a response, very minor, the patch only matters if you’re Japanese.

Damn, not Japanese :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps a pre-download for something coming in the Battleplan this week?

Patches aren’t always add up to current space used, they might as well just change/substitute some files.