What did the Legendary Gear do to GBX?

I’ve been noticing that since Launch Gearbox has been neutering most/all of the Legendary Gear. It’s like they looked at them all as a whole and didn’t like their existence.

Last Hot Fix nerfed a whole bunch of them at a time, most of which NOBODY had complained about. These weren’t even small number tweaks, these were HUGE number nerfs.

When I looked at the numbers for the Plasmite I knew something was very, very, wrong with the picture. It went from 25% to 3%, that’s insane! I don’t recall not a single topic bringing up the item as being “too good” or in need of a change, yet there it was neutered.

Why? Why were these items seemingly randomly chosen and chopped down into a shadow of its former self? No explanation given just numbers slashed left and right.

If these random hits to gear is going to go on, I would appreciate EXPLANATIONS as to what data was being looked at that led to such drastic changes.

I’m upset because some of these items people work really hard to get/farm and then it’s a bit disheartening to have the item that took you weeks to get become unusuable for the purpose you wanted it for.

I’m really tired of seeing each Legendary Item being demolished into overpriced shiny shist. Either redo the whole gear system from the bottom up, or start doing these number changes/retraits/nerfs with a bit more consideration to the players by

  1. Explaining why the item needs to be nerfed and the data to support it.
  2. Gradually change the numbers rather than drastically changing performance.

In summary, I really don’t appreciate the way Gearbox is handling changes to Legendary Gear, it’s not very transparent and the changes too steep/drastic.



Some tanks could easily hit over 50K in taken damage over an entire match. Plasmite Transducer was making them a 15x return in shards, it was paying for itself within five minutes of activation. It was stupidly more powerful than any other piece of gear.
Same with the Chronokey that was giving characters with high damage potential effective cooldown bonuses of up to 50 percent, nearly 10x what any other piece of gear could do. And before any one asks the extra cost associated with legendary gear is not worth such an extreme.
Any one could put the numbers together to see they were way, way, over the power curve for gear.
And gradual continual nerfing would lead to just as much resentment, if not more, as sudden nerfs. It is also more dishonest to do nerf in such a manner and just wastes everyone’s time.

@Rabid_Explosions, Because, while this gear was very helpful in PVE, in PVP it made some players too good. I tend to agree with you. GBX should have found a better way. This was expedient and it pleased the PVP crowd. I hope, as a business move, it works out for them.

I still have hope that this product will survive to spite the extremely low numbers I see on steam. Last I checked BB was two places above Spore at #193.

As a CL 100, having mastered many characters, with more than 400 hours in the game, Legendary Gear was one the things I could play for. Now I have few reasons to open the game. I play PVE.

I have returned to playing BL2 (which by the way is #43 on the steam charts) until something changes for the positive. I am told that they have “great” things coming, better matchmaking, a new character (Pendles) etc. I hope those work out.

I checked the forums a few days ago. Apparently, there are calls from people to nerf everyone but Montana. If this is the case all characters will be reduced to the equivalent of a small underfed child wielding a stick. Gear will allow you to make the stick sparkle and give you a 2% chance to not contract hemorrhoids. Facetiousness aside. I hope they find a make things work.

I wholeheartedly agree with the OP that the legendary nerfs came as a huge surprise to me and left me wondering why.

I can certainly see how some of the stats may have been overpowered for PvP in some circumstances and that the transducer specifically needed a change, since I had over 16,000 shards left over in a PvE map I played with Montana. However, 25% to 3% was WAY too much, and if it wasn’t enough for PvP, then I suggest GBX figure out a way to establish different legendaries for PvE and PvP modes.

I’m not really sure the OP wants our post-nerf opinions on why the items were overpowered, though, I think he/she is asking why we weren’t told of the nerf beforehand or why it was deemed necessary in the first place.


It was all done for balance. Not only balance for PvP, but for balance between the Legenary items themselves, and possibly for PvE as well.

There were an obvious handful of Legendary items that stood out as being truly significant in comparison to the rest.

Nerfing these Legendaries that stand out over the rest, will in turn make the other Legendaries more useful.

And I know some people will read that and wonder, “why GBX wouldn’t just make the other pieces better then?”

Well, that’s because these better pieces were already causing balance issues.

If they buffed other pieces, then the PvP would become absolutely terrible and the state of these pieces could also have been making PvE easier than intended, so it may not be all about the PvP.

I’ve shown some math on the shard activation costs in relation to their effect values in other threads, so I’ll try one more time in here.

Going from the Common to Epic tier of gear, you gain an additional permanent effect. The shard gap there is 630.

Even though there are two tiers of gear between Common and Epic, there are conditions to attain their benefits, so the important piece of information is that they becomes static at the Epic tier.

Between the Epic and Legendary tiers of gear there is a 750 shard gap, comparable to the 630 shard gap between Common and Epic, that also rewards another static effect.

Even though some are condition based, the effect itself is static, meaning it is always there, without you having to do something to activate this tertiary effect, and will activate on it’s own when the conditions are met.

And I know that may sound confusing, but stay with me.

So again, you are paying a comparable shard cost to attain another static effect. Most of the time, these tertiary effects can only be attained through helix upgrades. If not, then they are equivalent to primary stat bonuses or better.

The idea is that the benefits of the tertiary effects on Legendary pieces are more comparable in value to benefits from secondary stat bonuses, as they have similar costs to attain.

And the real benefit is that they grant a third effect from a single gear slot. Without Legendaries, you can only have six bonus effects, but with them you can have up to nine.

Now I know people are upset at the drastic decline in the tertiary effect values, or the drastic increase of their conditions, but what does it really matter if these are close to, if not, the values they will end up at anyhow?

Someone mentioned that they had nerfed, then buffed, then nerfed again, the reactivation time on the Alamo 7 Legendary piece.

That shows that they are willing to readjust a change after already making one. I’m sure that if they find that any of these pieces were over nerfed, they will be buffed again.

The whole point of weekly Battle Plans is to make adjustments toward a better balanced game. If they find characters or gear to be better or worse than intended, they will make the changes, with the data to support them.


not too sure what they nerfed or how, but i hope i never get killed from a piece of gear again.

because it does happen.

eventually youll run into a noob melka who has 3 legendary pieces.

her aim will be garbage, she might only hit you once or twice, but because her legendary gear… those 2 hits are enough to kill you.

it sucks. its not fun at all.

would be more fair if gear didnt exist at alimo

Yeah, exactly. I’m fine for nerfs and stuff when needed, or if the data shows that it is needed, but I would like to be told ahead of time of what items they think are an issue and why, and maybe disclose some form of fix for the bigger offenders.

The Plasmite was strong in PvE but I don’t think it was “overpowered” in PvP or anything.

But yes, I just am upset at the seemingly endless nerfs to items coming out of nowhere rather than having them be expected by the community.

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I’m guessing Gbox knows now they should have thought this part thru because it wouldn’t be very hard to use their Inventory meta data to have certain mods only viable in PvE, keep them out of PvP.
Those of us playing Story mode keep getting punished for what is going on in PvP.