What did you do in Battleborn during your most recent session?

Decided to start this thread because we have one for each of the Borderlands. Basically people just sort of reply on a daily (or as often as you like) describing their most recent session. Note-able things like legendaries/drops, first time experiences, discoveries, the story, your goals, triumphs, etc…

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I got the lore challenges done for Reyna. Which I think earned me her legendary item about giving health whenever she overshields someone. I wish the legendaries didn’t cost 1800 to apply. Still looking forward to trying it. I have her at character rank 13. So I’m looking forward to rank 15 for her so I can have a fully mastered character. An achievement I suspect.

Did some Advanced runs, STARTING with a 5-player coop PvE. Two attempts at Advanced Algorithm. First time, we got kinda slaughtered by the Ronins and Bulwarks and twin Elites before the vents. Went right back to it with the same team composition, and rolled on through to victory. It’s all downhill from the H3NCHM4N arena. Got Bunker Buster, Firmware Update, Hostile_Takeover, and something else orange I think. Plus some cool epics. AND, I think, we got GOLD on that run. My first-ever Advanced coop PvE run through The Algorithm, and GOLD, and on a non-mastered character. I was happy with it.

Went back and did a couple solo Advanced runs of Void’s Edge, one each with Benny and WF. Veil Manipulator, and one other lego I can’t remember ATM. LOTS of fun, and confidence-building. Now, to try The Renegade on Advanced solo…

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I finally managed to get a positive K/D in private PvP :sweat_smile: Its not much, maybe even a bit emberassing compared to better players, but I finally get more kills than the stupid bots…
I hope I can solve my anxiety oneday and jump into public, but first when I´m able to stomp the bots with my eyes closed.


Have a lot of Titles now but one I’ve been waiting for was just granted: Heliophage! :smile:

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I have done some private matches too. I need to try it again because at first I noticed some odd AI behaviors.

I let level 20’s lose me all the games I played today.

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Last night I ran Advanced Experiment twice and only got one legendary between four boss kills. That’s not happened to me once during the lootpocalypse. Also bought about ten faction packs and got no skins, taunts or coins.

■■■■■■ way to end the event as I had a good time overall. I’m now putting the game down for a bit.

Got the game yesterday off the humble bundle. Tried finding a match where people wouldn’t leave but was unsuccessful - not a single 5v5 in the 10 matches I played.


If you’re on Humble Bundle I assume that means you’re on Steam?

Add me sometime - Rogahar. I don’t Surrender unless it’s quite literally impossible for us to win and we’re just getting farmed by the other team :stuck_out_tongue:

As for today… I figured out how to get Outskirts to run without framerate issues (shadow quality settings) and promptly went ham as Shayne and Aurox in their glorious “Fun & Games” skin :smiley: Which never gets old for me.

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I finally beat the Heliophage on advanced hardcore shortly before I was ready to throw my controller through the screen.

The hello phage on advanced hardcore was the last mission I need to complete my career page.

As for the mission itself I ran with Melka and I got a perfect roll doomsday key but I already had one.

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I double jumped 1584 times with Caldarius to get his lore challenge. My matchmaking wasn’t working, so I had a lot of time on my hands.

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I’m the same way. I can smoke most things in story mode, but I’m pretty below average in PvP. Like you, I’m gonna run some private matches and get some ideas and strategies.

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Played a few PVE matches as melee and had great fun.

Tried PVP as melee and sucked big Time.

How do you get that one? I can’t check rn.

Heliophage title = Play as a Jennerit Battleborn 250 times.

Oh, I should probably get that soon between Deande and Ambra. Thanks!

I got stunlocked and spawn camped repeatedly by a sweaty Japanese team.

Deathball city lol.

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finished the lore stuffs for galilea. mellka, you’re next!